Project Madness – Summer 2013 Mid-Season Week Journal [Day 7 Update]


Madness? I am Mad Scientist! Chaos, and invade!

The Summer 2013 season of anime shows is full of interesting shows. I should know, I’ve been watching about 12 shows on a weekly basis, with a couple more I’ve put on hold due to the insane amount of shows there are out there. As I’ve done for 3 weeks, I’ve covered the shows and episodes I’ve watched that week. These posts are monstrosities that run about 2,500 words, each. I’ve told this to a good friend of mine, and he said, “Yeah, I don’t read those blog posts. They’re 2,500 word-long monstrosities.”

So I sat down and thought to myself, what will I do with the mid-season overview post? If anything, I’m going to give each series more space, rather than less – no one will read that 4k word monstrosity! How will they know which anime are worth their time and which aren’t?
The answer was obvious. Rather than have one post, I’ll have several! So simple, so obvious, so ingenious. But how to split the posts? And then it hit me! By day. After all, it makes sense that one would wish to spread their anime consumption by days, to avoid days where they have idle time and days where they can barely breathe.
Looking over my schedule, however, I’ve come to an alarming realization: Not all days have enough shows! Even if I group them, some groupings don’t have enough shows. Once again though, once I’ve assessed my situation calmly, the solution presented itself to me quite clearly:

I must watch more shows.

I intend to cover the shows about their episode 5-6 mark, and many of them I’ve never started. So let’s take a short survey of where we stand:

Show name: Episodes watched/Out of how many episodes I intend to have watched – Sorted by Day:
Blood Lad: 2/5.
Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist: 2/2
WataMote: 4/5
The World God Only Knows: 4/5
Free!: 0/5
Gin No Saji / Silver Spoon: 0/5
Rozen Maiden (2013): 5/6
Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu: 5/6
Danganronpa: 5/5
Servant x Service: 0/6
Love Lab: 0/6
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S: 17/17
Gatchaman Crowds: 4/5
Kiniro Mosaic: 0/6
Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya: 2/6
Ge’nei wo Kakeru Taiyo / Day Break Illusion: 1/6
Monogatari Series Second Season: 0/5
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: 4/5-6 (depends on how late the translation is.)
Genshiken Nidaime: 5/6
Uchoten Kazoku: 5/6
Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan: 17/18

That adds up to 55-56 episodes I need to watch before this week is over. Yikes, I thought it’d be 40. Now, if it weren’t for the fact I work full time, 56 episodes would be a breeze. But I do work full time. I hope all of you will provide me moral support as I attempt to watch anime, so you guys won’t have to! I’m doing it for you guys.
Another thing making this challenge more difficult is how many of these shows are moe or non-comic comedies, which I have issues with – but 5 episodes is usually how much I can give them before I give up, which is just about as much time as they have. Lucky me!

I might stop at 5 if I feel I got a good feeling of the show. I believe 5 episodes is how many you really need in order to get the gist of the show. Episode 6 is optional. That’d get me as low as 47 episodes (not relevant for the shows I actually enjoy).

I will post once or twice a day to this post, to keep you apprised of my situation, and to chronicle my state of mind as I descend into this endless pile of anime, armed with neither booze or caffeine, as I tend to consume neither!


Sunday, August 4th, 20:50 – They say there is no time like the present to start, right? I am going to have to start with Blood Lad, a show I wasn’t that fond of when I watched the first two episodes, but it’s due tomorrow. So let’s start.

01:46 – Technically it’s tomorrow, but we don’t deal with technicalities here. Blood Lad and Gin no Saji had been watched up to the current episode; Blood Lad was all over the place, Gin no Saji was surprisingly fun. This means today I’ve watched 7 episodes. I need to watch either 7 or 8 episodes per day. But! This is the first day and it’s important to pace myself. We don’t want to be lead by a false sense of security and bite too much, only to burn out too quickly! I’ve also watched the newest episode of Uchoten Kazoku which aired today, and I’ve watched Shingeki no Kyojin earlier today. So I guess it’s alright.

I sadly didn’t find the time to watch Kamisama no Inai. I could still do it, but I’d rather get at least four hours of sleep tonight. Going to lose 1-1.5 hours tomorrow for some real life things. The first day is always easy, let’s see how I manage on the second day! Who knows, maybe I’ll even join /r/anime’s group watch of the Tatami Galaxy. HAHAHAHA. Ha.


21:50 I feel buoyed by yesterday, a couple of shows are up to date. It might be my success, or simply the sleep deprivation is already seeping in, my insidious enemy.

I considered starting strong with all the slice of life and Monogatari shows, but I’ll probably have to be hauled for diabetes from the moe-infusion if I take that route, so I have to pace myself. I will now watch the weekly episode of The World God Only Knows. I think it’ll be men in speedos, in Free! afterwards.

01:00: I have watched Free! and I liked it. I was lead to believe that this will be a moe infused fan-service show aimed at women. There is one character that encompasses these things, but it was quite enjoyable. I like swimming. It’s been too long since I’ve last done some swimming. I should swim.

I can feel my consciousness wandering from me. Yesterday I’ve actually lost an hour before I managed to slumber, but now I will not let anything keep me from my bed. I can feel it, tomorrow I will take control of all anime that I shall survey, and even find time for some video gaming. Believe! Tomorrow at lunch break is also Watamote time. I feel bad for not watching Toradora during my lunch breaks this week thus far, but sacrifices must be made.


23:24: Talk about a late update. Not feeling so hot today, kind of listless. Watched WataMote during my lunch break at work, as I do every Tuesday. I’ll probably watch Servant x Service now, I think a comedy is the most I can do right now. I also want to watch Tatami Galaxy for a group watching on Reddit, but I’ll do it tomorrow if I’m feeling like it. Let’s see what we can cover today – seems like tomorrow to get back on track I’ll need to watch about 12 episodes.

00:25 – I’m tired. Servant x Service is dull, so dull. Can’t lift my spirits or wake me up. We’ll see how much of it I cover, but there’s a chance I’ll abort it midway.


1858 hours: Captain’s log. Yesterday we have ran into some hiccups, as we were running low on fuel and had to return to docking at orbit. Today, though I had counted on having extra time to tour the nearby planet, Fleet Command had me run extra diagnostics, as we are going to replace our engine next week. I hope to be done early tomorrow in order to recuperate the lost time but things seem unlikely.

As I said, we’re behind schedule, there is no time for monkeying around, so I am going to have to enlist the help of our local HR personnel to tackle problems on-ship as I hope I will get to survey this dating establishment later today, I just hope we won’t get assaulted by under-dressed men.

In other words, Servant x Service to be followed by Love Lab. And today’s episode of Free!

0130 hours, captain’s log. The trip to human resources had been quite dull. I feel as if watching a wall would’ve had the same effect, except I might have had some interesting thoughts while staring at the wall (Servant x Service is a way to waste time, honestly. You leave it feeling nothing, absolutely nothing, had happened).

The dating establishment’s music tried to force its way into my ears and insinuate feelings of affection and humor within me. I found myself being moved to use ear-plugs. After only two courses with them, I must consider whether I should keep letting them enjoy my patronage. And now, it is time to head back to my bunk for some good shut-eye, before the morrow’s work.


11:23 Update: Was really tired yesterday, but considering it’s Thursday night, after a full week of work, it’s to be expected. Got through Kiniro Mosaic episode 1 and the final episode I needed to of Gin no Saji.

Now it’s time for the episodes from last night, Rozen Maiden and Stella Jogakuin. Afterwards it’s time to watch moe. Moe as far as the eye can see. Moe enough to induce diabetes in rocks. Moe moe. I might just have to kill someone.

18:43 update: GAH. The moe is killing me. I’m gonna put it aside and watch shows I want to watch, such as Monogatari 2nd season, then move to semi-moe, the magical girl shows of Fate/Kaleid Prisma Liner Illya and Day Break Illusion. Servant x Service, Kiniro Mosaic, and Love Lab though they have their uses, might just defeat me at this point.

01:13 update: I can’t even tell you where the last ~4 or so hours of my life went. Just didn’t feel it. Watched The Tatami Galaxy episode 1 four hours ago, watched Gatchaman Crowds episode 4, and the rest of the time just disappeared. Might have something to do with being burnt out on the project a bit. I think it’s because I have/had two days to go through over half the list, technically I also have Sunday. Well, the issue is that last week at work had been pretty taxing, so I’m still recuperating from that. Let’s see what we manage to get done tomorrow, with a focus on shows I actually care for.


01:40 Update: Spent much of the day asleep. Considering I need the weekend to recuperate from the week and the heat in Israel, it’s not too surprising. Didn’t watch much anime today – Monogatari episode 1, The Tatami Galaxy episode 2, and the latest episode of Genshiken Nidaime. Honestly, having this challenge is probably the main reason I didn’t watch much anime – if I was just watching stuff for fun, even if it’d been these shows, I’d have watched a lot more. A challenge is there to motivate you, but when there’s a big amount of stuff to get through with little time to do so, it just ends up creating more pressure.

Technically for most of the shows I could still have this week, since I wanted to catch up the week before my “Mid-season impressions” posts, and then watch just the new episodes and opine… but it didn’t work out. Now I need to consider whether to drop the attempt, or to try and get through the second half this week. The risk is it’d cause even more burn-out, hm. Probably need to focus on the shows I care for, even if only somewhat, over those I only picked up for this challenge, though I do like a couple of them quite a bit, actually.

Running Tally:

This is so we’d be able to see where I am on the road to my goals at any given time. I’ll Bold and Strikethrough accomplished goals.

Show name: Episodes watched/Out of how many episodes I intend to have watched – Sorted by Day:
Blood Lad: 5/5.
Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist: 2/2
WataMote: 5/5
The World God Only Knows: 5/5
Free!: 5/5
Gin No Saji / Silver Spoon: 5/5
Rozen Maiden (2013): 6/6
Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu: 6/6
Danganronpa: 5/5
Servant x Service: 4/5
Love Lab: 2/6
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S: 17/17
Gatchaman Crowds: 5/5
Kiniro Mosaic: 2/6
Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya: 2/6
Ge’nei wo Kakeru Taiyo / Day Break Illusion: 1/6
Monogatari Series Second Season: 1/5
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: 5/5-6 (depends on how late the translation is.)
Genshiken Nidaime: 6/6
Uchoten Kazoku: 6/6
Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan: 18/18
Total: 31/54

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2 comments on “Project Madness – Summer 2013 Mid-Season Week Journal [Day 7 Update]

  1. JasonP says:

    Hahahahaha, talk about setting high standards for anime viewership, my lord! I can only do like say, 4 or maybe 5 eps a night maximum if I have nothing going on. Good luck man!

    • Guy says:

      Well, during weekends and before I began working, I’d marathon all the time, 24 episodes in one sitting, literally!

      As I’ve watched half a year ago, Shin Sekai Yori, the Bakemonogatari series, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Fairy Tail and a few others however, I’d usually find myself falling asleep after 3-4 episodes, rewinding a couple of minutes for 20 minutes before giving up on it.

      But this week I’m giving up on video games, and sleep! So I can do it!
      I also watch an episode a day at my lunch break at work, so it helps. Well, yesterday I had to blog, today I had a haircut and a couple of other things.. I expect to make a huge headway by the time Wednesday is over, provided my mental fortitude holds.

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