The Benefits of Not Blogging!

There are benefits, real benefits, to not maintaining one’s blog. I’m not talking about the time it takes to maintain one’s blog; oh no. I’m talking about money. Maintaining a blog, even a “free” blog hosted by WordPress, is an endeavour that ends up costing you money. Real money.


Konata and all of her anime goods. A happy otaku.

The sweet sweet fate not blogging "Saves" you from.

I’ve gone in a past post on my figure purchases up until that time (back in September 2009). It came out to $374 back then, and well, it’s gone considerably higher since (especially with the purchase of a limited figure such as Saber Alter Maid version by Alter, reviewed here). Anime also takes time, even if it’s something I find enjoyable. So the blog also costs you time (and this is aside from time spent on it!).

I know some people write blogs and don’t really read others’ blogs, and for the next week or two I’m afraid I’m also going to be a part of this group, at least to a degree. More importantly, there are people who read others’ blogs without writing their own, and what I am talking about? They suffer from it even when they do not blog themselves.
This is so because the real way blogs cost you money is not directly related to the blog and blog-writing itself, but what it entails. Back when I still wrote Figure Friday (I am still trying to see how to get it back to life, it’d probably include resuming Tumblr posts and then collecting those posts every 1-2 weeks), I spent several hours each week looking at all of the new figures released and announced, all the new sales, via HobbyLink Japan, Hobby Search, Neko Magic, Kumo’s blog, and many others.

Now, my cynical personality and attention to details helped me stave off the desire and urge to buy all the neat figures I came across. But the lack of much disposable income had probably played a major part in it. You will see new figure enthusiasts get any figure that is merely “nice” or “neat”, and while there is nothing wrong with doing that there’s a reason they stop after several months: Running out. They run out of space for all those figures, or they run out of money to spend on these figures. And then they only buy the figures that they really want.
Of course, how quickly figures sell out is actually a scheme by the manufacturers to combat this, so you’ll feel you have to get it now or you never will, so you’ll pre-order before you have enough time to think it through.


Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward and Elric swimming in money.

A wish, by no circumstances to be confused with reality.


When you don’t blog, you don’t see new figures, new books, new video games, new DVDs, whatever. When you don’t blog, you don’t know of what you’re missing (including anime), which maybe sad, but you’re also not getting tempted to buy all those things you don’t really want and are likely to regret or not enjoy as much later. And if you’ve missed any anime while “it was happening!!!” (what’s the big deal about being part of something “While it’s happening”? Good movies/books are nearly timeless), then in a couple of months’ time people could tell you if it truly was worth watching, so you won’t waste your time on things that turn out to be annoying, like Angel Beats! turned out ;)

And now I’m back to blogging, and now I have a new job, and I will need to demonstrate restraint, because “Disposable income” is a lie. There is always something else you can do with the money should you save it now. Such as save up to move out, or buy a car, or purchase an ace computer, or a new desk, etc. No income is truly disposable. Respect the money you earn…

…which is so very hard with sales such as this one

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9 comments on “The Benefits of Not Blogging!

  1. Yi says:

    I mostly agree, except for a few points. I think if we’re blogging about something we’re passionate about (figures, anime… etc.), then even without a blog, we’d be spending that money on buying figures or that time watching anime. But of course, keeping a consistent blog has changed my anime watching habits. I feel obligated to watch the current season. I suppose it’s the same with figures; there’s pressure to buy more and newer stuff.

    Well, all hobbies cost something. And if we’re blogging not for a profession, it’s going to cost too.

    • Guy says:

      I tried to convey more tongue-in-cheek with my tone, I know the captions for the photos I’ve used certainly are not “serious”, with the scare-quotes on “saving” ourselves from buying all those things, etc.

      Sure, I’m not saying we buy figures just because we blog about figures, but part of what I said is something obvious: If you don’t know a new figure is coming out, then you can’t purchase it. Thus also my note on how this afflicts those who read blogs and don’t write them as well.

      Now, it’s not as if we’re “losing money”, because we still get something we wanted to get, right? Just me looking back and noting how my months of not blogging, and not blog-reading, had deeply affected my expenditures, simply because I didn’t see all those figures coming out.

      But don’t worry, what I did spend time doing did eat my money ;) Miniature war-gaming for the most part, in case you’re curious. I’ll show some of the figures I’ve painted in an upcoming post.

      I enjoy blogging, and I enjoy my hobbies and my collections. I also enjoy not spending money on them :D

  2. kluxorious says:

    You are somewhat right. If I didn’t stumble on a blog which I no longer frequent, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with figures as I am today. The overall amount of money I’ve spent on my figures can actually be a down payment for me to buy an average house or a nice car. Do I regret it? Not the slightest bit. Except for the two boxes of puchis that I’m selling, I love all my figures.

    • Guy says:

      That’s why they call it an addiction, that it makes you not see reason! Wake up klux! :P

      Heh. More seriously, yeah, they’re our hobbies, and we love them, but why are they not free? Would we still love them if they were free? Looking at anime, the answer is probably yes ;)
      It’s not as much consumerism as the joy of obtaining and having, I think.

      Reminds me of that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie realizes she’d spent something like $60k or $600k(?) on shoes.

  3. Adam says:

    I only started actively budgeting my figure purchases once I had decided I was going to start blogging about them, just to give me another angle to talk about. If anything, blogging probably reigned in my spending somewhat from where it was heading. Still, I’ve given myself a bigger budget year-over-year, so maybe not? :-?

    PS: Figure Friday was how I found your blog in the first place. I’d love to see it make a comeback. :-D

    • Guy says:

      Heh, what are budgets worth if you keep extending the limit? A question we should take to the governments, oy…

      But yes, going month by month over your purchases and future purchases helps keep all the expenses in one place, and most importantly, in mind.

      Yeah, I think many people got here via the Figure Friday posts, though it seems any post on something sex related gets more views. I am still trying to think of how to get some sort of Figure Friday back, and it’ll probably be another week or two before I spend more mental processing time to work it out exactly, after I settle into my new job and such.

  4. radiant says:

    I actually have a post in queue that talks about the subject of spending. It’ll be up within the next 4 weeks. :P

  5. Reltair says:

    Yeah, whenever I do my blog reading catch-up I see new figures and merchandise that I want to acquire, but I prevent myself from spending these days due to a lack of space.

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