Editorial – Coming Back to Life

Wow, it’s been 4 months since my last entry. I’ve really been remiss in my updates of this blog. I guess you could say it’s taken an end of summer and autumn hibernation. It’s not that I didn’t have what to say… I had a lot to say. But once you stop updating, it’s sort of what I experience with certain fora (plural of forum) or topics; they remember where is the first unread post, so if you see they have 15 unread posts, you wait till you have time to read them all. And then it’s 150 unread posts and you know you’ll never get to it.

Zombie Jesus lives too! Well… sort of?

Grrrrr. WordPress just ate a couple of paragraphs I wrote…
Anyway, there are two ways to get back to posting: Go with “I’ll post whenever I feel like it”, so you’d make a post without feeling an obligation to keep on posting, which I dislike (and also, once I resume posting, it’s not an obligation as much as a snowball; can’t stop!). The other method is to bite the bullet. Stop procrastinating, and just resume blogging. Delve head-first.

There’ll be a blog post coming once a week, gauranteed. Even if the skies fall or Cthulhu and the lost city of R’lyeh resurface. I will try, and I think in most weeks will succeed, to get two posts up. I’ll be aiming for Sunday-Tuesday for one and Thursday-Saturday for the other. Some weeks may have three posts, but I’m not promising. I’m too wise for that.

Expect a figure review or two, some editorials on geekdom in Israel and how I became a geek, some anime reviews and even some first impressions. My opinions on movies, series, manga, games, etc. And also Ewen’s Corner’s return and another guest blogger.

This blog will resume its life, and hopefully, you the readers, the old ones, and any new ones who come along, will find it worthy to read the new entries, and perhaps also the old ones.
I will try to hunt down and update my blog-roll over the next week and a half, and will reply to all unanswered comments in the next two days.

Today, well, it is today by now, will be the first day of my new job. I have one course left in order to graduate with my B.A., and I’ve spent a lot of time in recent months with miniatures, which I’ll also tell you guys about.

So, how’ve you all been? :)

10 comments on “Editorial – Coming Back to Life

  1. poet says:

    If the only evidence I had to go on was your blog, I’d be convinced you’ve been playing Starcraft2 for 4 months ;)

    • Guy says:

      I know for plenty of people it’s probably true, even moreso with the new expansion for World of Warcraft, but not for me. Actually hadn’t played SC 2 much in the last month and bit, which began with putting it off to paint miniatures ;) I actually plan to rectify it and play more.

  2. Q says:

    Welcome back. Having a determination to have to blog regularly is not easy, but can be rewarding at the end.

    Interesting to see that you’ve decided to resume blogging at the same time as you start working on a new job. Will check back now and then and see what stuff you might have!

    • Guy says:

      Yeah. Anguish and frustration can come from viewers’ count, especially when I compare it to ~120 most days without posts and ~180 on post days before. But since I’ve got less time to pour into it, including less time to pour into all of my friends’ blogs (sorry everyone!), I can just write and enjoy coming back to my good posts later on.

      Though this happens more when discussing general ideas/thoughts, and less when trying to discuss a specific movie/book/etc.

      And well, I find it easier to be lazy or not, so I try to fire on all cylinders when it’s time to kick procrastination in the teeth, heh.

  3. radiant says:

    Welcome back to the world of blogging!

    I’ve made it a habit to bite the bullet and post every Wednesday no matter what. I do have lots to blog about but sometimes just get lazy too! lol!

    I totally know what you mean with that. -_-;

    Best of luck!

    • Guy says:

      Well, biting the bullet here is more about to stop procrastination, I’d rather not post on a hard day, thus the range, in case I’m busy/tired some day, though I should really write ahead to the queue….

      I often had time before, but would not write to queue, just the post idea in 2-3 lines. A shame, cause it could’ve come in handy. Maybe I’ll try to keep 2-3 queue posts at all times, just in case, but I’ll probably take a month or so to populate the queue with those “just in case” posts.

      It’d also help, cause 4 months after reading a book I can’t write a review as well ;-)

      And thanks. Good to be back, heh.

  4. Yi says:

    Good to see you back posting again. I’ve missed your blog. ^ ^

    I find that back when I had the mindset of “I’ll post whenever I feel like it,” I end up not posting at all for months. It’s kind of something I have to feel obligated to be consistent.

    Anyways, early congrats on your upcoming graduation!

    • Guy says:

      Well, you know how big I am about “obligation to blog and readers

      No, I felt like blogging, and still didn’t, due to the “putting it off makes you keep putting it off” phenomenon. No more of that.

      Thanks! And it’s good to hear people missed my blog, though I wish you hadn’t (missed it, by me blogging, not the caring part!)

  5. Canne says:

    Welcome back!
    I’ve had times like this as well though they were shorter and more frequent.
    hmm, blogging regularly surely takes more than just passion and feeling. It takes feeling of obligation and some determination as well. In short, it’s very hard.

    • Guy says:

      Well, I guess people need breaks, and having them be more frequent and shorter allows you to keep blogging for longer on one hand, while not losing most of your readers on the other…

      The issue with me is not the obligation, but keeping momentum, or rather, regaining it once I lose it to begin with…

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