Toy Story 3D – First 3D Experience

Toy Story
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In the year 1999, a movie is released; it’s called, “The Matrix“. In this film viewers are introduced to a technique called “Bullet-time“. A year or two later, and dozens of movies which do not benefit or have a plausible explanation for the usage of bullet-time are produced. Most of us grow weary, as bullet-time no longer elicits amazement, but is delegated to being a gimmick.

It is now the year 2010, and in 2009 a movie called “Avatar“, directed by James Cameron, is released. This movie comes out in 3D, and although it’s not the first movie to come out this way, it is buoyed by waves of PR and marketing and mass hysteria. This signals the beginning of the high-budget 3D movies’ assault, which had been planned in advance; which is evident in how many of the 3D movies coming out this year had already been in production when Avatar hit the silver screens world-wide.

The 3D is neat, it’s pretty convincing, and in one scene I moved my hand forward to move aside some banners which were hiding Woody. But to be honest, our mind is a great computer, and one that always falls for optical illusions. We’ve been capable of tricking it into seeing 3D for quite some time. Heck, taking the special glasses off I didn’t see non-3D, just a bit blurry as there were double-edges going on.

Last, and most important in regards to the 3D experience? The glasses. I already wear glasses to correct my vision. The 3D glasses are heavy, and my nose actually hurt by the time the movie ended from the weight inflicted upon it. It was also quite amusing to see how fearful and strict the orderlies were, for fear we’d steal them.

Toy Story 3? The movie in the beginning was quite charming, which is what I expect from Pixar shorts. The main event was quite touching in bits, but suffered from the Disney Ending (evil character is evil and vanquished, the minions are just misguided, and later we all forget what they’ve done before – no harm, no foul). The cast was shrunk to the main characters, same as per the second movie, which allowed for more air-time for the characters that mattered, and zero time to all those who had been axed.

I shed a couple of tears. It was touching.

Score: Toy Story 3D: 7.8/10 growing-up moments. The 3D? Still on the fence about it.

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12 comments on “Toy Story 3D – First 3D Experience

  1. The glasses were heavy? I wonder if the glasses there are different from here. It’s quite lightweight here. And I do wear glasses already. The thing with the glasses here is that they’re quite easy for someone to bring home. I have thought about breaking apart the frames and use the lenses as clip on for my glasses, but I’m not quite sure how to drill through the lenses yet.

    Anyhoo… I guess the ending for Toy Story 3 is pretty much the same as the previous one. I think the first one was still the most innovative ending because they came to life in front of a boy. Still… Gotta love this ending too. Not the villain, but the new lease on life for these toys.

    • Guy says:

      There are at least 3 systems of 3D, and it depends on the cinema which one they want to use.

      The second film was the weakest. Mostly cause Jesse is an annoying character I think.

  2. kluxorious says:

    you shed tears? You’re awesome XD

  3. Yi says:

    I hate wearing the 3D glasses too… For me, most 3D has not been good enough to overcome the discomfort from the glasses.

    Toy Story is a tearjerker.

    • Guy says:

      “Tear-jerker” is an interesting phrase. It makes me think each time I see this comment (and it’s been more than once!)

      Someone who jerks tears out of you, but it makes me think, are those things/people “jerks”? Hmmm.

  4. bluedrakon says:

    WTF is everything becoming a “3D” experience now. I can only assume this due to launch of these 3D TV’s. Not sure why anyone would want this as the 3D glasses are quite expensive.

    What happened to the good olde days of paper glasses with a blue and red filter

    • Guy says:

      Because it sells… I have no apriori problem with 3D, I just want to see some reason for it. And no, it does not necessarily look better.

      I watched Chuck 3d episode with those glasses, and it sucked… there’s a reason for those heavier glasses.

  5. Tommy says:

    I really liked Toy Story 3 and I thought Buzz and the introduction of Ken to be quite amusing.

    I have no problem with things going 3D, but I’m only watching animated movies in 3D because I don’t think it works as well with regular movies.

    • Guy says:

      Spanish speaking Buzz was hilarious.

      Jesse was still annoying, but not as much as in the second movie.

      Ken was kind of annoying too, heh.

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    ***POTENTIAL Toy Story 3 spoilers***

    I think your grade of Toy Story 3 is stingy, but to each his own. I think Toy Story 3 presented a very realistic and somewhat shocking reality about toys. The toys gave up fighting to escape the furnace at the dump and held hands resolved to face their future being burned up as garbage, I think that said a lot. It was saying that this situation is the inevitable end for almost all toys and they’ve accepted this end, and have no regrets about how they’ve spent their existence. Despite the fact that they were rescued from the dump for now, that doesn’t mean that furnace isn’t their end at some point down the line. I saw the ending with them being given to that little girl as “bonus time” before their end. And most importantly of all (serous stuff aside)…this movie made me laugh my ass off.

    • Guy says:

      7.8 is a very good grade. This is graded by classical ratings, not the new video game, “8 is the lowest I’ll play, 8.5 is actually decent, 9.0 higher is good, 7.5 is borderline crap.” I need to write a post on reviewing, it’s long overdue… but 7.8 is a very good grade, especially for this blog :)

      And laughter is very important.

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