Summer is the Season of Sweat

Well, this should not come as any surprise to you guys, but summer is the season of sweat. It’s not all bad of course, look at all those people who think they look better with sweat, erm, yeah, you don’t really see them off of billboards and ads for shoes, perfumes, or sportscars, do you?

Summer is the season where traditionally students are let off from their chains at school, to go home for two months and go to sleep somewhere between 4 and 5 AM, and wake up around the time they’d usually return from school. Well, it’s been 2003 the last time I had a proper summer vacation, aside from the time I had after finishing my time as a medic and beginning university back in 2007. Yeah, that’s a time where I had time off…

Mindless Anime Characters Celebrating their Youths! Thanks to Yi for the picture.

Well, summer’s here, and as you can imagine, and perhaps see from the slower pace of posts, I don’t really have time off, again. I am currently finishing my last major tests’ period for my B.A. which involves tests, home assignments, and papers slightly longer than 20 pages. I mean, the sweat I get is mostly stress-sweat, and not anything as exciting as the sweat as I flaunt my youthfulness energy around! Besides, who speaks that way aside from people who had underwent lobotomies and characters in anime who celebrate and must commemorate their youth! Then again, is there a difference between the two groups? That is, lobotomized people and stupid anime teens?

Now, I’ve already went to the sea once this season. And I am planning to go back to playing tennis on a regular basis, and Israel is hot and either dry and very sand-stormy, or extremely humid, so I’ll probably be sweating enough. Don’t you worry about me ;) Well… there’s a good reason houses without air-conditioning are so rare in Israel, and then they have a lot of fans.

Anyway, this is a season that will mark a change in my life. I am one course away from finishing my degree, so I will begin looking for some sort of job (probably something computer/tech-related..) this summer, in order to begin earning money.

Normal blogging schedule should resume by this weekend. And you should really read the previous post about the question at the heart of every story. I think it’s a really good one :)

6 comments on “Summer is the Season of Sweat

  1. Reltair says:

    Good luck and ganbatte! Probably a computer/tech-related job? *high-five*

  2. Gunstray says:

    “sleep somewhere between 4 and 5 AM, and wake up around the time they’d usually return from school”

    Well that pretty much summarizes what Ive been doing this summer^^

    hahah, Goodluck on the course, and merry sailing to your life

    • Guy says:

      I try to avoid that. Somehow, even if you’re awake the same number of hours, you end up doing less.

      And thank you :)
      And have fun with your summer. I’ve done that most years during the summer break of junior high school, and then high school.

  3. Yi says:

    Good luck with your study and stuff, and stay out of the heat. ^ ^

    “is there a difference between the two groups? That is, lobotomized people and stupid anime teens?”

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