Shower Me With Awesome, Mine Readers!

I meant to post this Friday evening, before I went and had a marvelous weekend with my girlfriend, Chen, but I think posting now after I’ve had a wonderful weekend and returned home will also serve well.

Well, I’ve been away for the last several months, we all know that. We also all know that we do not all share the same interests, but many of us can find truly cool things online. Cool videos, (like Yi and the ove for Gaga‘s Alejandro), cool images (Mefloraine and the Pixiv obsession :-)), cool gadget news (Hikky) or cool blogs.

Speaking of "shower", an image playing on the old "My Neighbour Totoro"'s cover image, from Gelbooru.

So, dear readers. Why not post here about really really cool things you’ve all come across on the internet lately? Feel free to comment and exclaim with wonder about the lovely things your fellow commentors have found.

Also, I will update my “Links” page the coming week, so feel free to share cool sites, cool blogs, or other things worthy of my attention, and my Links page’s love in the comments as well :)

So, love you all, and the next entry will be “China Mieville and Mecha Anime”, the alternative title is “Not all Anime with Mecha are Mecha Anime”!

Edit: This is a post where you, the readers, get to tell me and my other readers what you are excited about. Just post it.

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12 comments on “Shower Me With Awesome, Mine Readers!

  1. mefloraine says:

    Most of the things I deem cool are shared through Twitter or my blog already though. ;-;

  2. Yi says:

    Agreed with mefloraine. Most cool things I share on Twitter.

    Things I don’t share are usually things that I’m not sure my followers will have an interest in.

    However, if you’re interested in US entertainment, (Lady Gaga, hottest shows, latest music/hollywood events…etc.), I can recommend a youtube channel that I really like and follow religiously.

  3. Guy says:

    Mefloraine, Yi, I’m going to channel Kamina-Sama and Haruhi for a moment here:
    “What sort of weak-sauce reply is that?! This is half-time in our match, go at it with all you’ve got!”

    Or, in other words. Let’s assume that you’re not just posting for me, but for my other readers, for people who might follow you as a result. Let’s say not everyone uses Twitter (and, to be frank, you didn’t even link to your Twitter accounts!).

    Also, sure, you post cool things on your blogs. But this here is a chance to pick 1-3 really cool things, which may not even be within the scope of your blog, and share that.

    Be positive, be sharing! Also, Yi, post what you are excited about.
    Sure, this is my blog, but this is an entry that is specifically designed for you to put here what you, my readers, are interested about!
    Youtube channel link away!

    • Yi says:

      I really like this guy.

      Completely unrelated to anime, but he’s like the episodic vlogger of US entertainment.

      • Guy says:

        Pretty cool!

        So that means you’re pro Episodic Bloggers? ;) Just kidding.

        I like the dude who reviews computer games in one go without breathing, you know the one, Zero Punctuation which is short and entertaining enough to keep me in.

        I read quickly, and I like multitasking, so just podcasts rarely get me, as I can’t give them my attention, and video reviews often plod too slowly. But yeah, it’s good!

        Thanks for sharing :)

        And everything is related to everything. Knowing how to review and look critically at any sort of field will help with other fields.

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    This webcomic on E3 made me smile

    That and this silly cat

  5. Canne says:

    The Totoro parody image you use in this post is the coolest thing happening to me this past week though Lady Gaga dressing as a nun swallowing the cross did come close to that, too :P

    • Guy says:


      I searched for “Sun Shower” images on Google, then moved to gelbooru, Moe Imouto and such, and searched just for rain. In the end, when I’ve seen this, I just could not pass it up… :D

  6. JasonP says:

    Here, I must watch this animated gif of Christian Bale almost each week –

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