Media Month in Review – January 2010.

Well, this month had school, school, and some more school. Anime offerings were a bit sparse, but I made up for it elsewhere. I think this month I’ll make a separate post again for the monetary expenditures, heh. I think I’ll give some items here a bit more details.

This is one of the main sections of the Basterds, who are not really the main characters, if you ask me. It also makes you think (if you watch it in an inquisitive mindset), about who’re “The good guys”.


  •  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – It was a good movie, in that it made emotions rise within me. I felt it was very similar to Forrest Gump, and not surprisingly Eric Roth is signed on both of these movies’ screenplay (both are adapted from stories). I think if they had cut the last 10 minutes off of the film it’d have been better.
  • Inglourious Basterds – Another movie with Mr Pitt, or at least, so it appears. When you think of it, the Basterds didn’t really have much screen-time in this film, and if you ask me, Christoph Waltz shouldn’t be Oscar-nominated for his supporting role, but main role. Who decides what’s main role anyway? Anyway, this movie was weird. I don’t know if I liked it or hated it, it was just so… weird. Landa, aside from his choking moment was the only sane character in the film.
  • Up by Pixar – This was a nice movie. This was a fun movie. This movie was everything I expected. But it wasn’t anything more. It was nice, but it wasn’t special.
  • Gladiator – I had found out Chen did not watch this magnificent movie, so I sat down and watched it with her. Always a treat. I need to rent Braveheart for her to watch as well. She has some major commercial movie gaps, while having watched a lot of more artistic/indie films.


  • Read or Die OVA: I’ve watched this at a convention several years ago, and I remembered the steampunk feel, so was a bit surprised when I saw the modern setting. That lead me to the realization: Steampunk means everyone has a super-power. In essence, the only difference between comic book superheroes and steampunk is outfits, and the role of technology.
    Also, I love Yomiko Readman, I used to read while walking to and from school when I was younger :) Also, good animation. You also got to love the James Bond style opening sequence.
  • Gurren Lagann, episode 7 – I was worried I’d get no progress on this, but on the last day of the month we watched an episode, Chen and I. I hope to get more done with it this month.
  • Maria†Holic, first episode – This season is too much like Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, and I have a hard time seeing how I could view more than two episodes a day. Love the animation styles of Kanako, and the too-much like a dating/eroge sim is both amusing and a bit overbearing at times.


  • The Big Bang Theory returns. Sadly, it seems a week in and a week out. Anyway, it seems that from being a show with crazy Sheldon Cooper, it becomes more and more a show about the craziness of Sheldon Cooper. I still enjoy it a lot. Not loving Bernadette though, and especially that “voice”. I love comedies.
  • American Idol, Season 9 – I only started watching last year, and sadly, the best part, the auditions, appear to be shorter this year. Anyway, it’s always fun to watch the auditions. The fun is only rivaled by the pain!
  • The Australian Open Tennis Grand-Slam – I always have a hard time with this one, both because many of the games occur when it’s 2 AM here, and this year I felt the need to sleep, and because it happens during my Finals season at school. I saw some awesome games.


  • Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett. I planned to just pick this up and read a page or two, or a 10-page section, because this is my favourite Discworld novel, and it has plenty of my Favourite Moments in it. I ended up reading all of it, again. Joy.
  • The Truth, by Terry Pratchett. I was on a Discworld roll, and it’s been a while since I’ve read the book about the introduction of newspapers into Discworld. So I read it again as well. It was nice, but not mind-blowing.
  • Dogs, Bullets and Carnage, volume #1 (manga) by Shirow Miwa: I’ve covered the #0 volume last month. Mom picked up the first two volumes. The action is indecipherable, the characters are mostly cliches with no real personalities, and it’s not even entertaining. I’ll read volume #2 cause we own it and then write a post about this.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist manga, volumes 20-22 – Yes, I had to do a bit of catching up, because the store didn’t get them for a while, and then got them all together. I must tell you, the more characters and more convoluted the plot becomes, the less that actually happens in each volume. More talk, more “plot”, but less actually happening.


  • I went to Body Worlds, it was splendid. I was sad that the horse-rider statue(?), I guess exhihibt is a better word, wasn’t there. I’m interested in science, biology, anatomy, so this was quite interesting. My parents were also attending. For those who don’t know, people donated their bodies to science, and they were preserved in a manner that lets you see the way the body is built; muscle tissue, internal organs, the lot.
  • Agricola board game – Played this with Chen at a board-game evening at friends’. She expressed desire to play again, so that’s success. We played the simplified “Family game” version, and I’m curious to see how it holds to replay, and what the full game has got to offer.
  • Stone Age board game – Same setting. I think I “got it”, this game also has a lot more luck than the one above that is not very random (but still got a lot of things happening), it also felt like a simplified Taj Mahal.

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16 comments on “Media Month in Review – January 2010.

  1. SpiritweaverAinu says:

    I am actually wondering how Inglorious Bastard is nominated for best picture for the Academy… It wasn’t that great to be nominated as such, IMO. It’s still a fun movie to watch, if you don’t know anything regarding the WWII.

    • Guy says:

      You know, I wonder, if in a thousand years some civilization will find this movie (Canticle to Leibowitz style), will they think that this is what happened in World War 2? What about in a hundred years’ time? I read an interesting review about how this film is about eradicating history…

      … think to that scene where all the movies go up in flames.

  2. Ningyo says:

    I rather liked how Benjamin Button ended; blatant, but still pretty enjoyable imagery with the submerging of the clock. It wasn’t the last ten minutes, but all that other time in the movie. They really could’ve had a stronger, sharper delivery if they’d cut out some meaningless parts. That was a loooooong movie, not entirely about things of interest. Otherwise I consider it superior to the short story version, because of (relatively) skillful romanticizing.

    And I actually saw Body Worlds too, had gone with biology class. For the first half of the entire exhibition we were convinced they were actually just models after we read ‘plasticine’ and didn’t know about that plasticine-replacement technique that preserved the specimens…
    …We were playing with the bawls, y’know?

    • Guy says:

      Yeah. I think it was too much like Forrest Gump, but with less actual instances, and these of lower importance.

      I actually wanted them to trim/remove most of the “under 15” bits. The submerged clock could’ve remained, and while it helped give it a fairy-tale like quality, I also thought that it was a bit too… well, it lacked subtlety.

      Wait, you actually touched the specimen? Heh…
      How did you feel after, or you meant, you all spent time vomiting?

  3. Yi says:

    I really liked Inglourious Basterds. It has a really distinctive and interesting directing and just great story. I agree with the Academy Awards nominations. It’s a great movie.

    • Guy says:

      What made it a great movie? Why do you think its story was great? Distinctive, sure.

      I’m not questioning your opinion, just curious to hear it expanded.

      • Yi says:

        It’s enjoyable, witty, and clever. The interweaving stories and the coming together of all the characters/ plots in the end were well done. The gory moments I thought were rather tasteful and not gratuitous. Brad Pitt’s acting is superb, as is that German guy’s. In general, I just thought it’s a really fun movie that was very well directed. In my opinion, one of the bests of Quentin Tarantino.

    • Guy says:

      Fair enough.

      How did you feel about every single character in the film, well, aside from the German movie star, and the British soldier, being insane?

  4. Canne says:

    I think the reason Waltz is considered a supporting character is because the movie is not told through his point of view but rather Pitt’s and the Laurent’s characters.

    • Guy says:

      Well, I’d hold that Shoshana was the main character, Pitt’s character didn’t get enough air time either. But it’s an interesting discussion.

  5. bluedrakon says:

    WOW – really nice update on what been going on. Inglorious Bastards was pretty cool and the ending was great.

    • Guy says:

      Thanks, I try to get this post up every month, I still need to cover last month’s purchases, we’ll see.

      The ending seemed a bit inevitable. I actually didn’t like the final scenes in the theatre, but that’s just me.

  6. Optic says:

    When it comes to Wimbledon, French and the US Open, I need to be up late at night to early mornings to catch these matches. As with u, sadly it’s hard since these times are bedtime and now TV time.

    I never got a chance to catch Inglourious Basterds at the movies but I’m gonna rent it as I’ve heard many good things about it.
    I watch “So You Think You Can Dance” now rather than American Idol or Australian Idol. Idol is getting boring now as it’s getting more and more repetitive while “So You Think You Can Dance” gives viewers something fresh, excited and generally, a show filled with more talent.

    • Guy says:

      Well, I rented Inglourious Basterds as well. For my birthday I wanted to go to it, but because the three people I’d gone with had all watched it, we ended up going to the movie they didn’t watch but I have, District 9, it was a good movie, so it wasn’t too bad.

      Well, it’s only my second season watching American Idol, so it didn’t get stale for me yet.

  7. lovelyduckie says:

    Love the Read or Die OVAs a lot.

    • Guy says:


      There was only one OVA; I do need to watch the whole series. Also, looking at Wikipedia, I’m now intrigued about Read or Dream, hm!

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