Figure Friday Feedback Edition.

This is not actually a Figure Friday post, but a post where I talk about Figure Friday a bit and ask for your input.

As you may have noticed, the last time a Figure Friday post was written covered October 16th-22nd, and there had been a couple of major causes for that, which can be summed in one simple word. Time.

There’s an upside and a downside to this being an issue of time: The downside is that I am a full-time student, and if I have a busy semester or busy week at school there simply cannot be a Figure Friday, and even before we sometimes had the post delayed (ok, after a certain point it was almost always delayed). The upside is that should I find ample time again, I could just go back to writing these posts. I expect the upcoming semester to be slightly easier on my time, BTW.

The other point is that I doubt most of you understand how much time it takes to write a Figure Friday post. While I love having these posts written (and not just for the number of comments and views, which is much higher than usual for this blog), but I liked the accomplishment of having completed such a post. But how long does it take to get a Figure Friday post up, you want to know? From the time I begin working on it until it is published, well, let’s call it about 6 hours.

Six hours. I go to Neko Magic and Kumo’s blog, and find and open all the interesting figure pages, then I try to whittle it down to the best and the worst, and sometimes the most interesting, I try to limit the number of pictures I use for each figure, so there’s more indecision and option-weighing going on. I write down my thoughts on each figure and then I try to find a place for you guys to reserve it, sometimes adding notes on how to go with special stores and deputy services, etc.

And of course, the adding of the images. After I finished everything else, adding the images from Flickr… it used to take me about 3 hours or so, but I found a way to take it down to “only” an hour, an hour and a half. Getting the images to be about the same size, not too big, centered properly, etc. It’s such a headache, it’d truly be easier if I were to only post one or two images…

And after it all, I go over the figure sales I find on eBay, various sites, the restocks, the new releases, the news of conventions, and this takes some time as well. Not as much as other things, but it all adds up.

So now, here comes my musing about the options, things I could be doing to help get Figure Friday more on track. And yes, I know I promised Figure Monthly and it’s not out yet… I hope to get at least November and December, if not also October, next weekend (semester break begins, and I have a relatively small number of tests, on account of having numerous large assignments instead, whee!).

Figure Tumblr is something I started, and of which you will get to see an example at the bottom. I also post some other thoughts there, and it is sadly not very helpful for comments, but it’s something. It’s not very populated right now, but that is one of its major upsides; with Figure Friday I had to wait for the end of the week and measure each figure compared to the rest of the week’s offerings.
On Tumblr, I can take my free time, go over whatever attracts my eye, and put it there. It can be delayed until Friday (or more), but there’s also the chance for an immediate post an hour or two after the figure’s details become available to the English speaking blogosphere.

Another big bonus for Figure Tumblr, but which would also work for a blog, is that if I spend my week going over figures, I can just copy the code of all these figures, whip it into shape, and voila! Figure Friday by the end of the week. It’s much easier to find half an hour to spend every day than 6 hours or so at the end of the week, seriously.

Another option is to start another blog. True, it won’t help my views and comments here, but I’d live. On that blog I’d do whatever I am currently doing on Tumblr, but it’d be open to comments by the wide crowds that read me. And yes, it’d lose one of the true benefit of Figure Friday, being a once a week stop that brings to you the best and the worst. Of course, I’d still avoid talking about the just average figures, because it’s not very interesting… and that’s what you’d keep, the other “benefit” of Figure Friday (I hope), my opinions on Figures. Are they any good, are they truly worth the time?

Of course, I can also just do that on this blog, but I feel that would water down this blog and somewhat betray its mission, after all, this blog is very focused on the longer and more meaty posts, rather than numerous short posts with only a little content in each one.

So this is where you pitch in. Tell me what is important to you about Figure Friday, what makes it worth reading, which parts are less important to you, options you can think of on how to do it that would both be easier for me but which would still retain its use to you, etc.
Also, if you have friends who you know care about figures and/or Figure Friday, feel free to point them at this post, please ask them to weigh in, retweet, etc. After all, though I blog for myself, and because I want to, I also blog for you guys.

And now, a repost of a figure post from Figure Tumblr (whose headlines shows up, sometimes, on this blog’s sidebar…):

Well, you know that I usually don’t cover previews, and choose to wait for the finished products. But sometimes, I give in, and I showcase previews and prototypes of figures. Being a fan of Code Geass, I find myself no recourse but to share :)

C.C. and Karen Stadtfelt/Kallen Kouzuki both make a showing here in victorian gowns, lot of lace, or so it seems, and very endearing, to me at least.


These will be Banpresto Prize figures, which you could try to win in a lottery for 800 yen, no release date yet. Being Banpresto, and seeing this often happens for others as well, there’s a good chance you could put down $15-20 later and get the figures, and while the quality of prize figures is not the best, it’s often surprisingly good for the price-point, and hey, Kallen and C.C.!

You can always check out the review of Banpresto’s Neliel tu Oderschvanck I’ve written, by Banpresto, to see the quality (see below).

Banpresto Neliel tu Oderschvanck Figure Review (

Images from the Nekomagic post, click here to see more.

Edit: Fixed the Tumblr link to point to the right place. Also, crossed the one thousand comment mark last week.

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14 comments on “Figure Friday Feedback Edition.

  1. Smithy says:

    Only small Banpresto figures? Awww… and here I was hoping to finally get an awesome C.C. figure by one of the better figure makers.

    • Guy says:

      LOL, that’s comments on the figures I used as an example, please help me figure out how to get these posts out so everyone could comment, if necessary?

      And well, yes, but Banpresto is relatively alright, and by gorm, but these figures look enticing. To be honest, Banpresto’s colouring is nice but never exactly right, and since black and white is “classic” and so are Victorian dresses, maybe we should ask them to come unpainted? Heh.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        Banpresto can be surprisingly lovely when they choose to be. I think they tend to put a lot more effort into these special prize figures. BUT I don’t know from first hand experience (YET). I’m still waiting on my Lucky Star X Macross Figures.

  2. mefloraine says:

    Well, I don’t have much interest in figure posts, since I can’t buy any figures as t the moment, but I think you should pick the option that you like best over what your fans may like the best. Though it kind of sounds like the post is more for the fans than you in general anyway, so…eh.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    I really adore and miss your Figure Friday posts. This is mostly because I love hearing your comments on figures that have been recently announced. :D

  4. Radiant says:

    With figure tumblr, you may be looking at more hours depending on how many figures catch your eye. It also takes out the consistency rule of blogging. With a “compilation” Figure Friday post, that can be alleviated of course, but again, that’s additional time required to copy-paste.

    In addition, more posts mean more reactions/comments that you’ll have to tend to.

    While more posts do increase your exposure, it becomes a somewhat redundancy effect. Look at Kodomut. I’ve noticed that his commentship has dropped significantly from the 30+ replies per post down to 10 or 15. I’m wondering if it’s because of his high posting frequency.

    While you may lose some comments with posting frequency, the readership will most likely remain, especially if you have good source material to draw from.

    All in all, the advantages and disadvantages are pretty clear. However, the one thing that I now always rely on:
    This is your blog. You do what you want with it in order to suit your time and commitment, content, and style.
    Readers who like your work will always be there, and also be forever changing.

  5. Reltair says:

    As many have stated before me, I think it’s good to do what you want. I understand the time issue involved with posting since I haven’t done a “weekly” figure review in ages now. >_>

  6. Yi says:

    I think it is going to be really up to you to decide on how to budget your time and interests. I do really like figure friday posts though.
    Figure tumblr is a nice idea too. Good luck with these posts. ^ ^

    Anyway, those two preview figures look really nice so far.

  7. Tommy says:

    Personally, I find the “bad figures” somewhat boring and repetitive because they’re usually from the same company (or companies), and that’s what we expect of them. *cough* Taki Corp *cough*

    It is rather more interesting when you talk about boring figures from good companies, or tasteless figures like the Okayama one with the girl chained up in the washroom. Just my opinion of course.

  8. Ninjovee says:

    D; late comment is late. LOL ><; but I'll comment anyway!

    I do understand how time consuming Figure Friday posts must be for you since, from experience of trying to keep up with what interests me before, I usually am glued to my computer chair just to keep up-to-date — the same thing applies for you but you would have consumed more time in a single day since you are making a compilation post for the week.

    I think figure tumblr is good and all, but the downside is probably the lack of comments/feedback you can get from there. I do think the option of compiling all of the posts there for a month is good, since it's easier… but then again, it would be a bit redundant.

    What I love about your Figure Friday posts is that they're not limited to your character or series preferences, which a lot of us bloggers are quite guilty of (yes, including me). It helps me see other great figures from other series! Although a lot of them are eroge but I can't really do anything about that ^^;

    As much as I love those posts, I don't think forcing you to do them would be good at all. I pretty much have the same thoughts as Radiant. You own the blog but it should be for fun and not some kind of job you have to do (unless, well, you plan to make it into a profession which I highly doubt ^^;) I do hope that the feedback will help you in your decision :)

  9. Optic says:

    Wow, 6 hours!!! Indeed that’s lengthily. I can’t just sit there and blog for 6 hours. That’s not me.

    I reckon to bring this time down is to put a limit to how many figures u want to review at the end of every Friday. At times, there aren’t a lot of great figures announced during the week so u can save urself some effort and time in not doing a Figure Friday.
    Personally, ur feedback on ugly figures is not really necessary as many of us already know why they are ugly. It’s not really that hard to know why we should avoid them based on the images.

    A secondary blog is not necessary to do the stuff u do on Tumblr just to have more comments. You should be finding ways in how to incorporate the stuff u do on Tumblr and add them here. I find it’s okay to make short posts because u got to understand, not many ppl have time to read lengthy post. I understand some ppl are slow readers and a few might feel reluctant to make a comment if they don’t understand the whole post or they felt there was too much information to take in hand and he/she felt they got nothing to say to that.
    Also, lengthy post can easily get boring if it starts getting repetitive so they might bail out halfway. Well I think u get the msg.

    Well, overall it’s ur blog and u should be doing what u feel comfortable with. Don’t start following the trail where u want to impress ur readers and meet their expectations and hopefully may gain a few more readers from that because u can easily burn out and crash. Just remember readers who already like what u write about will always come back. :)

  10. Blowfish says:

    Howdy Partner!
    Are you already using the Flickr Uploader and the Flickr Manager Plugin for wordpress?Those proved to be some real timesavers for me.
    Back in the day I also wasted a vast amount of time with the images.

    Now its just a matter of a few seconds and everythings like I want it to be.

    I dont think that you have to have a figure friday at all costs.A Figure month would be fine aswell since for me its your comments that make the posts worthwhile and not how fresh the news are.There are already other sides delivering those news.Youll just burn out from stressing yourself too much especially when its taking ou up to 6 hours for the whole thing.

    In the end you should do what youre most comfortable with

    hope that helped

    • Guy says:

      Flickr Manager Plugin, does it work on, cause most plugins are for self-hosted blogs only. I do use Flickr Uploader.

      That issue is easier now, cause I write the post on word, copy it into the html editor, and only then move towards the text editor and add all the photos. The old way, when I wrote, copy-pasted, wrote and copy-pasted also led to ordering errors, that some paragraphs somehow got duplicated, and such.

      And it’s good to hear that the opinions are what is appreciated, because I never tried to combat anyone regarding freshness (after all, I use the fresh places as my sources, so I can never be as fresh, nor is it truly my goal).

  11. Guy says:

    Thanks for the input everyone. Obviously I’ll be doing what works for me, but seeing as more than one thing may work for me, I’m still curious, what do you guys like, dislike, why you like what you like, etc.

    I’m currently in tests season, so it didn’t yet happen, and due to procrastination also (where is Figure Monthly? Where?!), but there’s hope, we’ll see, heh.
    I have Sunday free next semester, so it might happen on Sundays, we’ll see how my schedule shakes up.

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