Loli (Puppy) in a Box!

Well, Hikky (of Austrian Otaku) and I were talking, and we reached a consensus that the best way to drive more visitors to our blogs (especially after being inactive, and many of our friends also being inactive), would be to post loli pictures, or better yet, loli yuri pictures. We ended up deciding to leave that job to Yi (of Listless Ink), who is doing a great job on that front, and you can check his stats if you don’t believe me.

So we talked some more, and while browsing AmiAmi (good job with the English site, fellas!), I came across a “Loli in a Box”, a figure that comes with the March 2010 issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine, and well, I’ll let you marvel at her, Kudryavka Noumi from the Little Busters visual novel, who is seemingly the Dengeki brand’s (unofficial) mascot, and is a “Loli”, in all of her adorable glory:

Kudryavka Noumi, from Little Busters, as appearing in Dengeki G March 2010 magazine

Can we all say "Awwww!"?

 Note, she seems to be on order hold everywhere but Hobby Search, and this is actually released by the end of January, so you might want to be quick (It also seems HS will be adding SAL by the end of the month, finally. Seems AmiAmi forced them to get their act together).

Her face, her nakedness, the box, the hat, the frog, it’s just perfect, and the fact a magazine comes with it (rather than it coming with a magazine) is but a bonus. Well, it’s more of a bonus since I want to get one of each magazine at least, to see what each offers.

The Dengeki Hime accompanying gashapon

Another figure came with Dengeki Hime, which I already got a copy of, and well, the figure is more sexed up, so to speak, and it brought the magazine to costing nearly double, and it doesn’t look as good, so I passed on it, with no hurt feelings. It certainly can’t compete to a loli in a box, even if it’s a loli puppy inomimi (I believe). Heck, I’ve always been more of a nekomimi or usagimimi boy myself :D

This character seems quite of a favourite amongst the Dengeki people, I mean, you can see her as the character on the cover on the linked Wikipedia article for Dengeki G’s, you can see her on Dengeki G’s for February, you can see her receiving a figure for Dengeki Hime, etc… it seems they’re all lolicons there, hmmm!

Well, she is mighty cute, I’ll agree.

And so, I’ve ordered this figure, cause it’s precious! ^_^

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33 comments on “Loli (Puppy) in a Box!

  1. mefloraine says:

    Yup, inumimi. I only read this blog post because it had “loli” in the title! (lies) She is pretty cute though, and it IS the infamous loli in a box.

    • Guy says:

      It’s the proverbial loli in a box, heh. Well, infamous? I don’t think loli in boxes are infamous, maybe the lolicons who order/put them there? ;)

  2. Leonia says:

    Noumi is the perfect loli. She is really cute!!

  3. GREW says:

    Duh, I don’t like dogs!

    But the loli looks nice. If there were no dog things. Normal would be better.

    • Guy says:

      Well, there aren’t, sadly. I didn’t notice her dog-ears in the beginning in the in-the-box version, and would rather normal as well, but she’s cute enough that she still wins me over with them :)

      Also, she’s in a box, so needs puppy/kitten sort of something to make it ok, heh.

  4. hikky says:

    Hehe, can’t wait to receive my boxed loli.
    ~heads over to Listless Ink~

  5. Hehe, yes, I saw this figure as well. It is pretty cute but not sure I want a naked loli sitting on my shelf ^^;

    • Guy says:

      Hey, I’m sure you want a naked loli sitting on your shelf, you’re not sure you want other people to see it ;)

      Or perhaps you’re sure you want it, you’re sure you don’t want others to, and you’re unsure on which side wins out, heh.

  6. Ringo says:

    lol, I totally missed the preorder for her on AmiAmi.
    can’t order from Hobby Search but have ultimately decided not to get her because I don’t want to freak out my friends and family xD

    • Guy says:

      You can make new friends! You can certainly create new family ;)

      I trust you meant you can get it from Hobby Search. Anyway, for those who are curious, I’m sure HMV will have it, though they don’t have pre-orders.

      Well, I’ll put her on the shelf, and she’s small, and I’m old enough to not worry too much on what my family would think.

  7. James says:

    I wanted to stop my suscription to the Gs Magazine but i guess i’ll wait next month to cancel it ^^

    • Guy says:

      I’m waiting till I order Megumi and Megumi Creators, because there you know you’re ordering the magazine for what it contains, art, rather than for the sales-boosting figures. I mean, I’d love it more if the magazine was worth it and the figure was neat..

      I loved the English Newtype, so I’m sure the Japanese one would’ve been neat, the one that came with the Mari Illustrious figure, but I don’t read Japanese, and heck, once you get into the right sites and blogospheres, you don’t really need Newtype anymore…

      Internet killed the information carrying magazine! The art one still lives, because it gives you posters and shiny paper ;) Though computer images have their uses, like being able to flip through numerous ones quickly, not getting creased or smudged, etc.

  8. Optic says:

    “Heck, I’ve always been more of a nekomimi or usagimimi boy myself :D”

    LOL, I guess ur true colours starts to show huh. ;)
    I still prefer the Alter version not taking into account about the quality and price. I prefer a happy Noumi than a daring one. :)

    • Guy says:

      Well, you can’t beat 943 yen and comes with a magazine too ;)

      Also, I’ve always been a proud nekomimi lover, I never hid it :D

  9. Ningyo says:

    You have my full undiverted attention 8L

    And it reminds me of how the unlimited codes game was the cherry on top for me when I bought the Fate UC sp-box.

    • Guy says:

      Well, I’m a gamer, and had been playing video games since I’ve been 5-6, so if the figure came with a crappy game, that’d piss me off. Moreover, that’s expensive, way more expensive than a figma.

      I’m considering Nagase Minato, now that’s an amazing package, and the price actually makes sense for this figure, even alone.

      Also, with the amount of hits this post is getting, I think I’m having everyone’s. This post is getting hits faster than my Figure Friday posts did!

  10. Yi says:

    Honestly, neither figure really excites me. I suppose I usually prefer more delicate details on figures. Still can’t deny that they’re really cute though, especially the loli in the box.

    Anyway, thanks for mentioning me. ^ ^

    • Guy says:

      Well, for 943 yen, including a magazine, what would you expect?

      But I’d have definitely paid 3,000 yen for such a figure from WAVE, in their 1/10 line with high quality and high details…
      I’m talking the loli in the box, I’m not too crazy about the hime figure. I’ve got one of their gashapons, which is alright, but not much more.

      Also, you’re welcome, and now I’m onto you and the source of your power ;) I mean, titling a post like this, and voosh! on the views. Amazing. It’s tempting to switch over to the yuri/loli side, and dispense with the 1-1.5k words of anime review/thoughts, which seem to get much less love, even on longer time-tables. As Hikky said, “So why do you get less views than Danny Choo?” and I wonder too :-/

  11. Blowfish says:

    Well posting Loli pictures is a sure way to drive me away XD

    If the price of the dengekis wouldnt be this steep over here id probably buy it more often.Of course for the non loli-licious figure ^^

    • Guy says:

      Said the one who reviewed the MegaHouse Ymir figure ;)

      Well, I like the cute. I like younger characters for being cute. In this way there’s a mixing of terms when people say “Loli”. People now use ‘loli’ to refer to all younger characters, but if you look at where the term comes from (Lolita), then it’s just the sexualized, or rather, the “Tempting” ones.

      I like younger characters for being young sometimes, don’t need to feel sexually attracted to them. Heck, I’d love this figure just as much if she were fully dressed, perhaps even more.

      And of course you’d buy Dengeki for the non-Loli, ah ha ;)

      • Blowfish says:

        Haha No sweat Dude!
        I was just teasing ya…

        Nah seriously I cant stand all that Loli Hype and they tend to add a sour taste to some series I otherwise like.

        Well I only have like 2 Denegkis around and one was with the Kanu Dakimakura and the other one with just an Eroge Guide.They sell the Denegkis for about 20 Euro over here and well I dont feel like spending that cash on a loli figure.

        Oh and Ymir isnt a loli but an age old dwarven princess!
        Wanna have a proof?

        You see that Crown? Now I dare you to prove my argument wrong XD

    • Guy says:

      I knew you were joking, I’m teasing ;)

      Well, I wonder at the loli hype, how much of it is cultural, how much just desiring because you shouldn’t, and how much the smudging of borders, that is to say, people who cannot separate cute and sexy. That’s what a lot of the “Idol” business is about, I mean, you can find something cute without finding it sexy… you don’t have to feel all sexed up about some cute girls, and no, being cute is not the same as being sexy.

      I know what Ymir is, but you know the truth, that’s just so they could say, “Oh, she looks like jailbait, but she isn’t.” That’s just to fly under the radar, she fits into the loli category. It’s the looks that matter there, as her fans are mostly those into the younger looking… dwarf? Where’s all the musculature, where’s the beard? :D

      • Blowfish says:

        “Where’s the beard? :D”

        Shes an neo-liberal dwarve and shaves to cash in more from the easy to fool humans.


        Regarding the Difference between Cute and sexy…I am having a hard time to tell if all those “Otakus” lurking on the well known Sites and Boards are actually beeing very sarcastic or really that obsessed with Cuteness as in sexy.
        I often feel that they tend to express the need that they need to have something pure and clean just to corrupt it. And Id define Cute as Sexy in a very twisted way for them.

        Ah hell I hope you know what I mean

  12. Dai_Akuji says:

    maybe you should make lotteries and give loli figurines away in them

    • Guy says:

      Well, that’d certainly make my site one of the most popular ones :D Heck, it’d probably pay for itself, once I cash in on advertisement deals, once I get 1k+ hits a day, heh.

  13. lovelyduckie says:

    Def not my type of figure, but to each his own :)

  14. Oh crud! She looks too cute! I may have to look her up in my local Japanese book store!

  15. Tommy says:

    I was interested in this figure, but still can’t get over buying a magazine just for a figure.

    Maybe I should start posting more Loli pictures…or anything with boobs I guess lol

    • Guy says:

      I don’t think boobs do half as good as lolis. Also, there are images around the internet of Man-Faye (an overweight man cosplaying as Faye from Cowboy Bebop), so not all sort of boobage works ;)

      Well, I also plan to get all magazines… and, think of exclusive bundles. Sometimes you just treat them as “Exclusives” and the “original goods” just come with. Or if you need to find them on eBay, you usually pay more than the original package costs, just for the figure, so it’s easier to get it with, heh.

      Besides, you can gift the magazine to someone without the figure ;)

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