Geek Music – Carol of the Old Ones

The Civilian New Year is merely 28 minutes away at the time I am typing this, so I’d like to begin this post by wishing you all a happy new (civilian) year!
The reason I note that it’s the civilian new year is because we also have the Jewish new year around these parts. This also explains that while what I am going to link to here is not something that is directly related to my religion (though I’m Jewish by way of culture, not exactly religion…)

Anyway, this is a prime candidate for geek music, it’s not merely a filk, but a more professional endeavour. Well, I’ll let you listen to this thing first.

Carol of the Old Ones (which even got its own Wikipedia page!) is a take on the Christmas carol of Carol of the Bells, which had been performed by a group that had done such renditions for 24 christmas carols (I believe), in two discs. I actually put my hands on one of the discs, and I wasn’t too enamored with the rest, which may have something to do with lack of yearly exposure to these songs, or holiday anthems, so to speak.

Anyway, Carol of the Old Ones takes the Carol of the Bells and fits it to the Mythos fiction, which was first created by H.P. Lovecraft. Some of you may know of it by its most famous entity, Cthulhu, and the eponymous Call of Cthulhu short story (and Role-Playing Game). These Christmas carol renditions are all renditions of traditional Christmas carols with the lyrics changed to those more fitting the Cthulhu Mythos (as it is usually known). I think it’s quite fun.

I quite like Carol of the Bells, mostly for its chorus aspects, and the “orchestrated noise”, so to speak, when you have the background chorus intertwining with the lead vocalist, to create a sort of noise, yet it is harmonic.

Here I link to my favourite rendition of Carol of the Bells, but only from about the two dozen I’ve listened to on YouTube. I am sorry about the echo, but it seems they sang in a church, which is only fitting.

And to close, I don’t remember at which movie the following tidbit was shared, but in a way it is cultural for me to enjoy Christmas Carols, as most famous ones were seemingly written by Jews. Funny that ;)

Happy new year; See you on the flip side (only 17 minutes away now)!

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2 comments on “Geek Music – Carol of the Old Ones

  1. bluedrakon says:

    Interesting fact on the “civilian” new year. I never knew that – interesting.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    • Guy says:

      You too! :)

      I plan to visit your blog on Monday/Tuesday, cause right now I’m swamped with homework I’m not doing, mostly for Sunday/Monday, heh.

      Well, it’s also true for all the Muslim countries. People in Europe like to think of their countries as non-religious, but what passes for non-religion there is Christianity. The USA is more proudly religious, as some of the polls show that people would rather choose minority groups for presidency over an atheist.

      They even mentioned on the radio last night how in Israel like the Muslim countries the celebrations for the New Year were private, rather than public affairs like in the Christian countries.

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