(Media) Moments Frozen in Time – Favourites.

Favourites are moments which had been frozen in time. At least the ones which we can find in media, because as we all know, memories are something which is constructed, and not only at the time in which they occur, they keep being constructed after the fact to fit with new information received.

Media memories are memories, or rather, occurrences from books, movies, series, music, they are frozen in time, crystallized, so to speak, because we can return to them, time and time again. The passage that had stirred our blood so in a novel, the elation that we had felt when listening to an overture in an opera, and so many others.

But can we truly return to these perfect moments, to revisit these perfect memories, or are our memories moments that are constructed from an alchemical fusion of two things, which can never truly be reproduced, as Dr Jackyll had found to his dismay? A unification of the media section, that indeed can be experienced again, and of our emotional and psychological state at the time, which are not only something one would be hard pressed to reproduce, but even to merely identify?

Read more, and please share your own frozen perfect moments!

Something can hit us hard, and usually does, because it resonates with us, and where we are in life. The reason certain books and series aimed at teenager boys do not appeal as much to older men is not because they see them for the folly they are, or that they “outgrew” them, meaning that they left these small matters behind; it is rather because the things that they spend time thinking of and the place they are in their lives direct and focus their attention elsewhere, and different keys are the ones that when pressed will elicit the greatest response.

Of course, some moments are singular, and though we can appreciate them, we know that we cannot revisit them, and should we, the response, though powerful, will probably take on a different form. This often occurs with thrillers and suspense films/books, because after the reveal we will be more tuned to the subtle hints proven, but that moment of realization where all the pieces had first fallen into place? No, that cannot be reproduced.

But even so, we do form favourites. Favorites are not merely our appreciation for the media moments, they are also our appreciation, our thanks for the artist that had created something which had elicited a response within us, for the emotional impact it had left on us, that special moment, even if it was half our doing, is something which we cherish, and that we are thankful for, and rightly so.

I do not think it is that simple though, because we can bring back those memories, of how we felt, and as the manner in which we change is often slow enough, we could come and revisit these moments, and the memory of their prior impact on us will lend our return to them a new strength, and perhaps with each revisit the effect will only be stronger. Just like when I think of eating a sour orange my mouth waters and I can taste the tangy orange, so my eyes get dewy and my throat clenches as the seconds tick towards an impactful moment in a series or movie.

And when it was pure happenstance, or just where we were in life, we can point at the media and say, “This [Media] was right for me, right then,” without claiming that it usually is.

I have favourites, I have passages in books or even whole pages that I pick out of my library every several months, when I think of them, and read them. I have moments in anime shows that I watch every 2-3 months, for more than a year now. I love these moments, I love how they make me feel, I love the me that I see when I am reflected by them, for after all, what you get out of a film/book is merely what you put into it.

I would love to hear moments like these which you, my readers, have, and hold treasured. I might share mine in the comments, or write a post or two for some.

No, these are not my favourite books, shows, films or whatever, these are favourite moments. Though a book that has such a moment can be a favourite book, and perhaps it is a causal relationship, that it is my favourite TV show because it holds these moments, and because it is my favourite I bond to it in a way that it comes up with these moments, because I give it more symbolic worth.

P.S. Got some internet issues at home, which stop me from commenting on others’ blogs, even when I do have the time, hopefully they’ll be resolved soon, but who knows (intra-house politics).

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10 comments on “(Media) Moments Frozen in Time – Favourites.

  1. mefloraine says:

    I think it’s harder to pick moments, for myself. When I go back to read something, I think about how the entire book made me feel, and I end up reading the whole thing again. I can’t read just a passage. I can’t watch just an episode. I feel like I’ve missed something if I do so.

    So, I don’t think I can share a moment with you. :P But I can, and am, certainly sharing favorites.

    • Guy says:

      Even if you do not actually return to them, that matters less, do you have any pages, quotes, or moments which shine brightly in your memory, or perhaps moments that defined characters and series and were the cause of them becoming favourites?

  2. Tommy says:

    I think the media moments (movies, books, etc) that lasts are the ones that are truly timeless. The ones that were breakthroughs of their time. The ones that all subsequent genres of its time imitates. There aren’t that many on my list. If I like something the first time I watched it, I’ll watch it again. But more often than not, it won’t have the same impact anymore when you watch it for a second time because, as you mentioned, you already know what happened. It is those that have the same impact that are truly great. In movies, those that draws you into the character are the ones that are timeless. The example that I like to use the most is this Chinese movie call “Infernal Affairs” released back in 2002. I’ve watched it at least 20 times now, and I still like it as much as I did seven years ago. The academy winning The Departed is a remake of this movie, but it’s not as good as the original.

    Clannad is another series that stuck to me after watching it three times because I can relate to it. It is a beautiful story in my opinion, but I’m not sure if everyone agrees with this one.

    And then there are those moments that will lose its meaning when you revisit them because the more you think about it, the more you’ll reason, and the more you reason, the less important those moments become. But you still think about them anyways. Things like your first date, first kiss, first whatever doesn’t have the same impact after you’ve repeated the process for x number of times. So it’s better not to think about those moments again, just enjoy it at that time.

    Most recently, I experienced a heart breaking moment when I watched Adrian Peterson fumbled the football some 30 yards from their own end zone in overtime. Sports moments are those that lose its impact after the game because tomorrow is another game. Championship moments, well, those are different. I still get a kick out of watching Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt for the 200th time. Guess what, I was cheering for Italy! That’s probably my favourite sports moment of this decade. And of course, Italy winning the World Cup. That was great too.

    • Guy says:

      Heh, a meaty reply! Many things to digest and dissect :D

      1. Hm, some things you are meant to rethink and think over endlessly, and they never lose their edge, such as “The Tiger and the Lady” story, where the more you think over it, the farther you get from the answer (yet it’s binary, so you usually stay the same distance, only becoming less and less certain).

      2. Clannad, which you related to.. well, the thing about relating is that it’s “You get out of the story what you take into it.” Relating is mostly about where you, the viewer, are in life, and who knows if you’ll still relate to it in 15 years, or whether you’d scoff and go “Kids!” ;)

      3. About the “It was there first!” aspect, it’s a bit problematic as it depends on knowledge and history. What if something was truly trailblazing, but you only got to it after watching several derivatives?

      4. Sports are like thrillers, heck, they are thrillers. Once you’re not into what occured, emotionally, what actually happened is less important. The lack of knowledge of the result is what enables you to live in the moment in regards to it.
      Its historical import is also relevant, which is why when FIFA decided last week on the best goal of the year, the importance of the game was one of the scoring parameters.

  3. Yi says:

    I definitely have favorite moments in books and anime. Segments that I constantly flip back or skip to again and again. This is especially true for my favorite books and such… I suppose favorite moments often means favorite books.

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    In no particular order…

    Pride and Prejudice – When Elizabeth makes eye contact with Darcy as he insults her

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – How society so easily became petty so soon after they were all saved and given better lives.

    The Portrait of Dorian Gray – At the beginning where he first contemplates eternal youth, his face as described by the artist character

    One Piece – Nami’s background story, but mainly the moment where she was stabbing her tattoo while her entire village went off to certain die for her freedom

    Fruits Basket – Kyo’s true transformation

    Wall-E – When it was shown how the people of earth became such large lazy individuals, hit so close to home for a kids movie

    Sweeney Todd – When the kid jumped out and killed Sweeney who was kneeling over the love of his life whom he had unknowingly murdered in a way that made her seem like a piece of trash.

    Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) BOOK – Cedric’s Death, the line of him laying out spread eagle shocked me, up until that point I had never dreamed that any good guys would die in this series.

    Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) MOVIE – Cedric’s father’s screams at seeing his son’s body. That actor in that scene really hit home in my heart.

    1984 – The final scene, the protagonist has given up his mind/freedom

    The Jungle – The family paid a random worker to stop by the house to lie to their dying father and say that the factory was holding his job for when he got better…Also when the main character returned after abandoning his family how he finds his wife dying of an STD and the mother is saying that they should have sent her into prostitution from the start to make enough money…

    The Dark Matter Series (The Amber Eyeglass) – The two main characters making a promise to sit on the same bench (in different worlds) for a whole day once a year, to “be together”. The image of that sticks with me.

    The Giver – The main character transferring an image of a bopat on the sea to his little brother

    Cat’s Cradle – the main character frozen on top of a mountain and thumbing his nose to god above

    Coraline – When she takes out the twist ties holding Wybe’s mouth in a smile

    Black Lagoon – Balalaika watching one of the killer twins bleed to death

    Claymore – Teresa’s head being taken off…so instantly…and so easily

    Fullmetal Alchemist – The girl that had been turned into a Chimera, the moment of realization

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Haruhi performing on stage

    Mezzo – The scene where fisheye is falling with the main character

    Paradise Kiss – The end where we see the main character married to her original crush, and she is off to see a play where the costumes were designed by George

    Scrapped Princess – When Shannon found Furet dead

    Skip Beat! – Kyoko when she laughed after realizing the love of her life was using her. Also when she cried and couldn’t stop the tears weeks later when alone in her room. Those two scenes go hand in hand for me.

    Tenjho Tenge – Aya crying on the roof

    Although…a lot of these frozen moments aren’t perfect, they’re just moments that froze for me. The sadder ones have a tendency to freeze for me.

    • Guy says:

      Yikes! That’s a long list :)

      Hm, yes, I have a lot too, I’m wondering typing up two or three for a post, and then every so often type up two or three more. The thing is, what am I to discuss? Why they move me? Many move me for the same reason, that combination of guts and vulnerability, because often guts don’t matter unless the issue really matters to you, and being tough and cocky means nothing matters to you.
      And of course, it’d be terribly spoilerish of me, in many cases…

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