10k Views Milestone. Also, Twitter-tastic.

Greetings and Salutations, loyal readers, and new visitors. I am aware that Figure Friday did not go up on schedule, and for that I am sorry. I have no real excuse, but merely would state that I’d been feeling out of it for several days, somewhat a combination of sleep deprivation and weather (going from one extreme to the other, and back again). It’d go up when I feel like making it, and we’ll all hope that’d be soon!

Geekorner fanart

Jake Richmond sends his wishes. Figures and miniatures :)

Anyway, this blog post is here to commemorate, and perhaps celebrate, the occasion of this blog passing 10,000 views (or rather, 10,087), which happened somewhere along early Thursday, and much earlier than I’d originally planned.

As I’ve intimated before, I’ve originally planned and expected this blog to receive 500-600 hits a month. A quick calculation would tell you that even in the upper range of that figure, it’d have taken me 16 months, or a year and 4 months to have reached ten thousand views in such a case. Well, as you probably know, this is not the case, and this not inconsiderable amount of hits had been achieved from the 19th of July to November 5th, 2009. Every 4 days on average, I make the amount I’ve expected to make monthly.

Now, you may wonder at why it’s “10,087” hits, and not just 10,000. Well, this is because during 2007 when I mucked with the concept of this blog (and created it), I had received two views, and I’ve received several additional views before the new opening of the blog, most notably for the Watchmen movie review I’d written, a week before the movie was released. So after removing these few hits, I marked 10,000 views. And well, it might be telling that the difference was only about 6 hours :D

Geekorner fanart

Art by Pseudo, master of the MS-Paint.

I plan to keep this blog going strong, even if it’s more likely I’ll drop to 2.5-3 posts a week on average rather than 4 or so, especially until my sleep schedule (or rather, my ability to enforce it) would catch up to the school year being in effect again.

I would like to thank all of you who had visited this blog, and give special thanks to all of you who had taken the time to comment on my blog, and enter into dialogue with me. You come here for me, I keep this place for you.

Now, to something different, Twitter. Twitter now has user-generated lists, and I, who have a Twitter account, had created a Twitter-list called, aptly enough, Geekorner’s Otaku Circle. If you want to be on that list, or rather, if you’ll like to enable my desire to have you on the list, please comment with your Twitter username (provided you belong to the Geekorner otaku circle ;), j/k?), or alternately, feel free to email it to me. If you email it to me, also give me a link to your blog, so I’d know who you are. Assuming you have a blog, that is.

I guess I’ll talk to you guys again when we clear the 10k views or 1,000 posts marks. And in case you’re curious, I’ll turn 24 years old on the 29th of the month.

I would like to thank Jake Richmond, whom I had interviewed here before, and Pseudo, for picking up the gauntlets and providing art for this mile-stone. Pseudo’s site is not safe for work, but it is quite enjoyable. I especially think Snark and those who follow his blog (Taikutsu Remedy) would find it enjoyable.
Jake’s sketch kinda reminds me of Chris Avellone‘s style, which I see at the last page of the Knights of the Dinner Table comic every month.

If any of you want to create something, feel free to email it to me at the email provided above, and I’ll put it up! Thanks again :)

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38 comments on “10k Views Milestone. Also, Twitter-tastic.

  1. mefloraine says:

    You have a twitter? *stalks/follows*
    Though, congrats on your 10K views.

  2. Ninjovee says:

    Congratulations on your 10k hits! \o/
    Sleep is very important, so it’s understandable that you are not able to post as much anymore. Your Figure Friday posts are very nice though, I hope you’ll be able to post them again soon!

    • Guy says:

      I hope they’ll return soon, though I’ve now received Dragon Age: Origins, so I might disappear inexlicably! Then again, I’ve already had it for two days and didn’t play a single minute of it, it’s making me sad.

  3. Blowfish says:

    Are we talking 10000 Hits or Pageviews?

    I wish I had a constant output like you.Mine is very varying depending on how much stuff I have to do and how lazy I am :P
    Im one of those twitter naysayers so youll have to live without me beeing in your circle ^^

    • Guy says:

      Hits are counted as pageviews, yes. It doesn’t include those who viewed the blog through RSS Feeds, which probably add another thousand or so, dunno.

      It also varies with my laziness, but I try to force myself to keep going, not because it’s a chore, but because my lazyness is powerful, and I’ve been combating it for a long long time.

      I’ll live, or try to live, without your constant input via Twitter ;) If I never make another post, you’ll know I’ve failed :D

  4. zh3us says:

    Grats on the 10k Benchmark! I too have been depraved of sleep these days. + the really alternating weather = Cough, sore throats and what nots.

    Added you on twitter.

    • Guy says:

      To me it’s more moody on the cold weather, and the hot is really hot, and after a bout of cold weather, so I feel slightly wilted.

  5. Tommy says:

    Hey, grats on the milestone. Looking forward to more from you. :)

    Speaking of contents…I think I need to write those reviews for the shoots that’s been sitting there for a month. ^^;;

    • Guy says:

      That’s such a sad thing, doing photoshoots for figures and then not writing the reviews. I have two such figures right now, and half of two more figures (one got a full shoot, but due to lighting, it turned out crappy, and reshooting is a problem, cause it’s Rize…).

      People need to realize that sometimes working on the photos takes longer than taking them, heh. Not to mention the blogging.

      • Tommy says:

        Actually, for me it’s the writing part that kills me. I’m not much of a writer. Switching to the new format helps me somewhat because I just follow whatever I have before and insert stuff here and there.

        Use the photoshop automate function…it’s a real time saver. XD

    • Guy says:

      I don’t actually have photoshop :)

      And yeah, the writing of the figure reviews takes effort, and time, especially when you’re as verbiose as myself…

  6. Reltair says:

    Congrats! Yeah, I’ve been feeling out of it for the past few days as well. =/

  7. polymetrica says:

    Ohh, wao, congrats on 10k+ hits, and happy birthday in advance! So many good things happening in November, it seems! (Maybe!?) Keep it up o/

    Also started following you on Twitter, under the same name as always…

  8. Guy says:

    Thanks everyone :) I added all of you who added me on Twitter back, except for the one spam-bot, which I didn’t add ;)

  9. Asian Ed says:

    Congratulations! It’s a big milestone for small bloggers like us. ^.^

  10. Snark says:

    Grats on the 10K!

    I don’t have twitter, but if I ever get bothered enough to sign up for that shit, I’ll be sure to follow you

    • Guy says:

      Time to get one! And well, a lot of my Twitter talk is RPG theory related, but then again, these are the replies to people you don’t get to see anyway.

      I do do some micro-blogging.

      I’m thinking of adding an RSS syndication of the list’s twitter-feed on the blog, we’ll see.

  11. Optic says:

    Dude, u told me u had one. Use it. ><

    Congratz Guy. Reaching the 10K mark in this short amount of period is a well earn achievement. I guess making urself well known in the blogsphere world has paid off and that has bring more exposure about u and ur blog. Keep it up and 20K will not be so far off. ^^

    • Guy says:

      Well, at this rate, it should come in about 11 weeks. Now the goal is to reach 100k in less than a year. Or seriously, 1,000th post, or to be honest, a year.

      A year is a true mark of dedication.

  12. James says:

    Congratz for the 10k ;)

    Love the art a lot lol ^^

    I’m playing Dragon Age too , it’s so awesome ! Goty for sure for me :)

    • Guy says:

      I didn’t get to play yet at all! Going to play in 5 minutes or so, heh.

      And I like the art too :) The first is supposed to be a caricature of mine, but if I put that aside, it’s great.

  13. James says:

    I played 4 hours and i choose a thief (kinda) and it’s really really hard … Try to make a fighter or magi for your first play ^^

    • Guy says:

      Did you get the patch? My friend said it made things much easier, though it should’ve been a little.

      Also, BioWare games are meant to be tough. Remember the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 2? :D

      P.S. When possible, hit “Reply”, for nestling :)

      • James says:

        the patch doesn’t work for me , game’s not starting after i apply it so had to reinstall …

        Didn’t play baldur’s 2 , only the two games on xbox :(

    • Guy says:

      I’m sure you can get them for cheap, you should.

      They’re 2D isometric view, so not the greatest art, true, but it’s worth it to know what made BioWare famous. Then again, they were from the beloved studio Black Isle which is with us no more.

  14. Yi says:

    Congratulations on 10K!!!
    I would think that 2.5-3 posts each week is still a lot of posts.
    Anyway congratulations again.
    I have followed you on Twitter; mine is yihsieh321.

    • Guy says:

      Well, my goal is 2 posts a week, with 3 being better. That count does not include Figure Friday. And no, it’s not a small number.

      And thanks, and I figured it was you by it being “Yi”, and having your user-pic :)
      Now, sleepy time.

  15. phossil says:

    Congratz on the milestone!!

    hehe, It has been until recently that Im aware of the Twitter lists.. Lol.

    • Guy says:


      And Twitter-lists have only come into being over the last two weeks, so it’s not surprising :) You couldn’t become aware of them prior.

  16. lovelyduckie says:

    GRATS! Also I’ve yet to jump on the Twitter band wagon, I’ve been meaning to. On my own blog I’m probably going to be posting only a handful of times per month until I get out of school this spring. After that I hope to go back to my old pace of 2-3 times a week (I posted that often back when I was on wordpress).

    • Guy says:

      Yeah, school, DA:Origins, painting miniatures AND online games leave little time for other stuff. I’m also dating again it seems. But I’m going to try to make 2-3 entries a week no matter what.

  17. FinallyAnime says:

    Wow dude, veryyyyy nice. I’m trying to do @ least a post a day if I can. Even if it’s one of those sensational news post kind of things. But dude, definitely congrats for 10k views. I’m definitely jealous lol. Mine had quite a few views, 6k. ClicheAnime, but then I switched to wp.org and have a dot.com. Lemme tell you. Trying to get people to your site is almost more overwhelming than writing the content. Who would have thought blogging could be so fun & stressful @ the same time lol. But great work dude, I’ll have to keep up with your site.

    • Guy says:

      I’m not sure a post a day is the way to go. Better a post every two days for twice as long. It also gives time for people to comment, and to talk to one another and begin a dialogue in the comments, because as soon as a new post is posted, the comments on the older ones slow down.

      And yes, getting people to your blog is not easy, which is why I wrote a post helping people with it :) And no, switching, especially away from wordpress.com, is going to be a big hit, at least in the immediate term.

  18. enrius says:

    Congratz! Well at this point I think you’re well over 11k. Btw followed you on Twitter. My name’s the same with twitter’s. ^^

    • Guy says:

      Thanks! And I saw when you followed me :)

      I’m nearly 12k by now, even though my posting kinda slowed down recently. Got some assignments to hit out of the ballpark and Dragon Age: Origins, and a new girlfriend, but I’ll keep on pushing content.

  19. […] of anime fans who were also heavily invested in anime figurines. You can see some of them in the 10k pageviews milestone from November 2009, and sadly, most of them no longer blog, though are still active on […]

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