October Haul. Figure Friday Postponed, Figure Wishlist?

First we’ll get the administrative bit out of the way: I could’ve had a 3 hot, 2 not Figure Friday, or put some models that don’t really deserve the spot up, but as I didn’t want to do that, we’ll have to wait for another double-week feature next week. At least there’ll be Figure Monthly somewhere this week, hopefully.

Chasing the money. Click image for source.

That image sums this month up, sadly. I’ve over-spent. Now, now, there was a big convention, but seeing as most I’ve obtained during the convention were books, well, there’s no real excuse. I am accepting donations ;)
I might get you some loot shots, if enough people will ask for them.
Read on for the lengthy endless list of stuff purchased this month.


  • Legend by David Gemmell, the first book in the Drenai cycle. A very solid and enjoyable read. I should write about the similarity and differences between Gemmell’s books and Glen Cook‘s.
  • Dead Until Dark, the first Sookie Stackhouse book. I’ve seen the first in Hebrew, and number 2-9 in English. Finally found the first in English, sadly with the True Blood cover and not the funky covers of the rest. Anyway, it was a fun read.
  • Shining Tears Visual Fan artbook. Won it for $0.01 on eBay.
  • Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds. Meant to get something of his earlier. Finally got to it.
  • The Complete Chronicles of Conan by Robert E. Howard. Must I explain this?
  • The Orphan’s Tales, both books: In the Night Garden and In the Cities of Coin and Spice by Catherynne M. Valente. Both seem right up my alley after reading some of Tanith Lee’s Tales of Flat Earth series (splendid!), and they’re illustrated by Michael Kaluta.
  • Only Begotten Daughter by James Morrow in Hebrew. There was a sale at the warehouse of the publication house, and I’ve read this book over a decade ago. It has a brilliant section on why we all go to hell when we die, even the good ones (but we don’t all get tormented, mind).
  • Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming by Roger Zelazny and Robert Sheckley in Hebrew. From the same sale. I read this as well years ago, and turns out there’s a third book in the series, but they didn’t have the second, which I remember to not have been as good as the first anyway. Zelazny is my favourite author, for the record.
  • Ordered Megami Magazine volume 114 from HLJ. After seeing Optic’s overview, and seeing the Saber and Rin pencil board, I HAD to get it. Was sad they didn’t have Megumi Creators (14?), as it’d have cut down on shipping costs.
  • I did not get this yet, but I’m considering getting Newtype’s August magazine, which has a cute figure of Mari Illustrious. I said to myself it’s not worth it because I’ll have to pay double MSRP, but then again, I have to do the same when ordering from HLJ. Still considering.


  • Moved Saber Lily Nendoroid order to HLJ, paid for it, and received it. Beautiful figure, caused me some agitation when the rod for her base snapped. You’ll hear more about this at length…
  • Received Kotokubiya’s Air from Play-Asia on the first of the month, the review photoshoot is long done. Maybe a post this week?
  • Pre-ordered the Megurine Luka nendoroid on Otacute. Since you can’t cancel pre-orders there, I guess it’s as good as “purchased”. It was “Reservation closed” elsewhere.
  • Cancelled the pre-orders of Figma Aegis and Plugsuit Ayanami Rei by WAVE. I’ll try to get them later.
  • I got some superglue of an average quality to fix Saber Lily Nendoroid. I’m going to put it here. I still didn’t get my exceptional superglue from the eBay purchase, and I couldn’t stand her being so sad.
  • My cousin gave me Cloud Strife Action Figure that he had lying about.


  • On a 20% discount sale, and due to USD to Pound conversion rates, finally purchased a Legion of Everblight Striders unit from Maelstrom (free international shipping for orders over 10 pounds!).
  • Got a second unit of the Skorne Paingiver Beast Handlers from the same sale. Cheap and useful.
  • Paints
  • From eBay: Skorne Cyclops Shaman Warbeast(let’s just hope all these things remain useful in the new edition coming out November 24th, so I’m mostly gaining first copies of more stuff, in order to be better prepared).
  • Skorne Void Spirit solo.
  • Second copy of the Extoller Soulward solo for Skorne, really hope it remains useful in Mark 2.
  • 2 soldiers for the Skorne’s Venators. Don’t have a full unit, yet.
  • Skorne Epic Warlock Lord Assassin Morghoul, which kicks ass, unlike his normal version.
  • A bunch of paints and a paintbrush from the Maelstrom sale. Mostly washes to complete my collection.
  • I wanted to resume painting my miniatures this week, but it turns out all of my superglue went bad. So I hopped on eBay and got some more Zap-a-gap. The local superglue is considerably weaker, and I’m not fond of pinning my models otherwise.


  • Bought a new fan for my computer. You can hear it, somewhat, but at least it cools things off. You can read more about the situation that was in this post.
  • A friend gave me 2G of RAM, for free. That was awesome. Said friend and another also helped with computer maintenance, which was even better.
  • The Cities and Knights add-on for the Settlers of Catan board-game (see my review of the main game). This was technically purchased by my mother for herself, and the house.
  • I got a new chair. ZOMG. It feels like home, sitting on this chair. This definitely deserves a new post. Also, seeing how much I sit on my chair, it’s probably the most important purchase I’ve made this year. It’s an Israeli made chair, and the company’s site doesn’t have a link to the model I have.
  • 100 “Backer Boards” by Comic Defender, so I could organize my whole collection and keep my comics in a good condition.
  • A lovely art-piece by a local artist, at the convention. Was pretty cheap, should’ve bought more. Will scan/take a photograph it later.

Total money spent: Half a bajillion over my self-imposed limit. Need to learn better restraint.

I’m wondering if the figures I want deserve a post on their own. But Alter’s version of Yagyu Jubei from Ryakka Hyoran is definitely on the list. HLJ and HS have it out of stock. Also talked to Joseph Tsai of TokyoHunter a bit about the Saber Alter Maid. I’ll probably get some figure really soon, but I can’t get them all, or even close… :(
I’m really fond of Saber Lily Distant Avalon, Saber Alter Maid is hot (and the puchi is adorable!), and the more I look at Yagyu Jubei the more I like her… and Figma Reimu is probably something I’ll get as well. A good thing she’s not a real exclusive.

Another question, should I review my experiences of purchasing from different online vendors?

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21 comments on “October Haul. Figure Friday Postponed, Figure Wishlist?

  1. Yi says:

    Please do review your experiences purchasing online. I’ve always bought all my figures in store, but I want to start buying online as well. It’d be good do see what you thought about the different vendors. ^ ^

    • Guy says:

      I’m never sure where to post them though. I guess most would find it to make sense when talking about what one receives from the order, but it’s lost there, and not the main issue of interest.

      I’ll come up with a way.

  2. Tommy says:

    That’s about as many books as I’ve read in my entire life…excluding text books. Hmm…maybe I’ve read more, but most of the books I’ve read were forced upon me by the English curriculum. Yes…the dreaded Shakespeare. I still remember the pain and suffering ’til this day.

    A chair, I need one of those too. But I’ll get one when I get that new “desk” I’ve been talking about. ^^;;

    • Guy says:

      If it makes you feel better, I’ve already read 4 books and 3 comic trade paperbacks this month. Less than I’ve purchased.

  3. Blowfish says:

    Holey Moley thats alot of stuff youve bought!

    Im still hestitating about placing an order with Toyko Hunter.I guess it will tunr out quite expensive ^^;;
    Ive never ever bought something via proxy so im hestitant

  4. Optic says:

    Thanks for the link to my review. Appreciate at it.
    I’m happy you were convinced as it is a nice volume. ^^

    Nendo Saber Lily was canceled at the last minute due to money constraints. I realised I’ve gone over budget for the month and considering my trip to Singapore is coming very very soon, I need the cash when I’m there. Maybe I will grab her if I find her there.

    I really like Alter Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit ver. I read it’s a Hobby Japan Mail exclusive with only 1500 pieces which makes it even harder. ><
    Considering I'm a big swimsuit fan, I will have a crack at getting her.

    • Guy says:

      I’m speaking of the regular Yagyu Jubei, which I like better than the swimsuit version.

      Well, if I dislike that issue, I’m coming after you ;)

      • Optic says:

        Yup, I knew u were talking about the regular one. I was just saying I like the swimsuit one. lol

        Well, I haven’t disappointed anyone yet and I get the feeling u won’t be the first. ;)

  5. Reltair says:

    That’s a lot of goods you bought there. I tend to not restrain my spending either. =/

    Settlers of Catan was fun, haven’t played it in ages since everyone is usually too busy to get together.

    • Guy says:

      If you’ll organize it, it’s more likely to happen than if you wait for people to show interest of their own. Especially if they know it’s every first weekend of the month..

  6. Snark says:

    The picture at the top is the greatest thing ever, they should make a figure of that.

  7. […] of lastmonth, which had been quite significant, though I’m not sure if as significant as the spending list. Then again, buying takes less time than consuming what one […]

  8. Oh, I recently got a new chair too and I have to say it is a big change xD Considering how much time I spend sitting at my computer, I should have done it a long time ago >_<

    • Guy says:

      Yeah. If we all had done the things we should’ve done long ago, long ago…

      We’d be efficient, that’s what we’d be :D

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    “Sookie Stackhouse book”

    I bought paperback boxed set on Amazon for a good price, they just arrived last weekend but I won’t be able to start them for a bit because I’m really focused on manga right now. Even though I got the box set the first book still had the TrueBlood cover and didn’t match the rest of the volumes too.

    For video games I bought the Wii Resort + 2 MotionPlus. It arrived Saturday and I must say I really liked it! I’m particularly fond of the fencing and frisbee game.

    For manga I went wild because a few series are starting to run low on stocks and I doubt they’ll be replenished. Bought many manga of Tail of the Moon, Mushishi, Land of the Blindfolded, Pluto, Honey and Clover, Dance Till Tomorrow, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, and Berserk. One step forward and two steps back about saving money!

    • Guy says:

      Money is often a one-step forward two-steps back kind of deal, and it’s not surprising.

      Before saving, you spent X money per month.
      After saving, you spent X/2 money per month.
      Two months later, you now have 1.5X money, and you spend it all. You couldn’t have spent it if you hadn’t saved it. And for the additional step back? Once you remember having money, and get into the swing of purchasing… that’s also why Amazon and others give discounts over a certain amount. The “Discount in volume” is more trap than discount.

      And I have Blade of the Immortal 1-5, and I was told no one can get #4, and it goes for a really high price on eBay, or something.
      That’s what I hate more than a series going OoS in order, but when a book in the middle goes OoS, and you’re trapped. Happened to me with a certain book (the 5th) in The Black Company series (non-manga), and then an omnibus was released and I rejoiced.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        I actively collected Red River as it was released so I didn’t have this issue but I heard that random middle volumes of that series went OOP even before the entire series was finished releasing!

        Overall I’m still doing better at saving money compared to before, even though I recently bought a lot of manga. Plus you need to buy little things that really set you back when you add it all up. I had to buy a laptop for school, a birthday gift, and some new snow boots.

    • Guy says:

      Yeah. I’m going to have to pay soon just to get my driver’s license extended, and it’d cost me about $120… surprisingly high, in my opinion.

      Well, I sort of had that problem with Death Note, when #8 ran out of stock. I purchased 9-10 before I received 8, so it wouldn’t occur to me again with them. Luckily, it was out of stock and not out of print, but it was still a major annoyance.
      And I didn’t come late to the series or anything, I even put in a pre-order at a local shop, and they just didn’t receive nearly enough copies.

  10. enrius says:

    That amount of books is the amount I get over a year… or two. :-p Nice to see someone who likes to read. Sadly in my country people usually read one or two in a year. As for me, I usually read for free in bookstore. :-p

    I had a similar experience when my Nendo Melissa Seraphy’s head joint snapped. Sadly no superglue could do the job and I had to throw away the joint. I’m torn between Nendo Luka and Riannon. She’s still on PO list at my local shop but, well, I’m still torn.

    Jubei is definitely nice. You may want to snatch her at any available opportunity. And do share your opinion and experience of buying from various online vendors. ^^

    • Guy says:

      I love books :) I also used to buy more, but during high school/junior high school I also read more. Well, shipping from Amazon also used to be cheaper.

      I think the average Israeli reads 5 books a year, I’m not sure.

      Riannon and Luka, hm. Riannon is way cuter, but I love me some redheads. I also saw you just received Jubei, who is also a redhead! *Envy*

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