Figure Friday October 16th-22nd.

This is the weekly Figure Friday post, covering the figures released, announced and such during the past week. There will be the best figures of the week and the worst, as well as news, delays, releases and re-stocks.

As always, click on the first picture to go to a site with more information on the figures, and the pictures after the description for the Flickr page (you must be logged in, due to some photos in the set being R18), where bigger photos can be had. As always, post is NOT entirely safe for work, be advised.

Five Hot:


Polyphonica Corticarte Apa Lagranges 1/7 PVC figure by Orchidseed

Polyphonica Corticarte Apa Lagranges 1/7 PVC figure by Orchid Seed

I’m growing rather fond of Orchid Seed.
Really like this figure’s garters, and her face is nice, the skirt has some dynamism. It’s not a great figure from any perspective, except how she’s dressed under the skirt, and yet, the gestalt is bigger than each of the individual components. Her skirt does reach a bit too high for me, waist-line wise. For those who dislike over-brown figures, at least the shock of red hair and the powder-blue wrist-ribbons offset it.
January 2010, 220mm, 7,429 yen. Reserve.


Follow the “More” tag for more figures!


CANAAN Alphard 1/8 PVC figure by Good Smile Company

CANAAN Alphard 1/8 PVC figure by Good Smile Company

Alphard is the other figure that goes with Canaan which we’ve covered before (##link). Personally, she’s not as cool, and I think her tank-top isn’t that hot, nor am I too fond of the muted blue of her cloak. But design wise, dynamism, etc? All great. If you display her with Canaan, or alone, she’s even looking aside, so you can have her looking at you. So if you display her with Canaan, I’d display them at an angle, with Canaan to the back, so you’d be able to see both of their faces. And yet, I won’t reproduce the original picture they’re based on, as you lose some of their figures that way.
March 2010, 200mm, 8,381 yen. Reserve.




Beat Blades Haruka Takamori Haruka 1/7 PVC figure by R-line Griffon Enterprises

Beat Blades Haruka Takamori Haruka 1/7 PVC figure by R-line Griffon Enterprises

I’m quite fond of the Beat Blade Haruka figures I’ve seen reviewed, though they were mostly by Alter, which is held in higher esteem than Griffon. Anyway, I quite like this figure, and she also seems pretty close to one of my favourite characters, Tokiha Mai (and she’s not too dissimilar to Alice L. Malvin from Pumpkin Scissors). I like the figure, I like the replaceable damaged front (which is what I suspect it is). The “Hair-bow” which I often hate, how in one line the hair rises like a crest is better here cause there’s actually a hair-bow to explain it. I am not sure how keen I am on the straps which circle the figure, making it look too “closed”, and I worry about potential balance issues, and since Narika was by Alter, I can’t trust one figure doing well that so will the other.
December 2009. Around 200mm tall, 7,600 yen. Reserve.




Tony’s Original Character Collet 1/6 PVC figure by Native

Tony’s Original Character Collet 1/6 PVC figure by Native

There are so many pictures here I want to post, and so many of them are NSFW, that just click on the first picture above to see them. I love her hair, the little snowmen on her shoes are adorable, she looks great, with her clothes, and as you slowly remove them. If I were to look for an ecchi figure, I’d buy this one. Very good.
December 2009. Around 150mm tall and 250mm long (included base), 11,429 yen.

Original art.

Original art.



Hyakka-Ryoran Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit version by Alter.

Hyakka-Ryoran Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit version by Alter.

I’ll begin with the sad facts: Not only is this a Hobby Japan Magazine Mail-Order exclusive, but there will be only 1,500 copies printed, so those who order it will participate in a raffle for it…
Reservations will run until November 24th.
This figure’s hair feels a bit flat to me, and the sword held in her cleavage seems a bit weird, but, do I really need to explain why this figure is here? I also really like her sandals. I also happen to like her normal version better, so the limited availability of this figure doesn’t demoralize me ;)
March 2010, 6,980 yen.



Five Not:


Evangelion Asuka Langley Soryu Gothic Lolita 1/6 GK by Amie Grand

Evangelion Asuka Langley Soryu Gothic Lolita 1/6 GK by Amie Grand

I’m used to Rei getting her face butchered, so this time it was Asuka’s turn, I guess. Aside from the face being horrible (they didn’t think of painting her lips?), the hair is not too great either, and I dislike both the painting quality and the sculpting (from close-up) of the top part. And how she looks under her skirt looks half-assed as well, sculpting wise.
The base is somewhat nice, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the figure. Aside from having her name on it.
January 2010, 285mm (included base), 14,800 yen. Kit is prepainted and completed.




Da Capo II S.S. Shirakawa Nanaka non-scale PVC figure by CM’s Corp.

Da Capo II S.S. Shirakawa Nanaka non-scale PVC figure by CM’s Corp.

The face is not great, but somewhat ok. The skirt is badly done, with the ruffle in the center looking bad, her legs are ill-proportioned (the proportion between the top and bottom halves), the seam lines are way too noticeable, and the body is a bit too thin. In other words, Trading Figure Quality.
January 2010, 165mm tall, 3,800 yen. Reserve.


K-ON! Akiyama Mio 1/8 by Kotokubiya and Movic

K-ON! Akiyama Mio 1/8 by Kotokubiya and Movic

Though it’s from a preview, so not a lot of pictures yet. The face is badly done. Sadly for Mio, her hair-do is such that it looks pretty crappy in real life on real people, and results in pretty bad figures. The face is bad, the hair is bad, and her head looks too big behind it. The guitar is nice, and the skirt would’ve been nice if it weren’t somewhat translucent. But the face! And as is, the skirt is a near-miss.
January 2010, 7,140 yen. Reserve.

4+5. (Mouse-over for captions)


A two-fer. K-ON! Mobips, still looking bad.
November 2009, 130mm, 3,000 yen. Reserve Mio. Reserve Ritsu.

Taken from Kumo’s blog.
Figma Saber Casual version. October 2009> November 2009.
Figma Emiya Shiro Casual version. October 2009> November 2009.
Max Factory Yoko Real Version, September 2009, second delay to November 2009.

Restocks and New Releases:


Play Asia has a small sale, here are a couple of items:
Unison version Vita. $45 instead of $75.
Orchid Seed’s Mabinogi Nao. $50 instead of $80.

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29 comments on “Figure Friday October 16th-22nd.

  1. Marshmallow says:

    Corti is really nice, Orchid Seed seems to have this style with their painting and it looks great, I’d love to see it in real life. (because I notice Alter’s painting looks a lot nicer IRL. (too bad there’s ALWAYS something wrong with there sculpts for me… :|) Collet is nice too, T2’s art translates so well into figure form, and Native does a great job of it. (hard to believe they’re a part of Max Factory, I never really liked their work)

    Koto’s Mio, I definitely love Koto a lot more than most people, but I’m really excited for her… her face is off, but I don’t really like Kyo Ani’s style, and I’m not a fan of Mio either. I just really like the outfit and bass. XD

  2. Thanatos says:

    For Alter’s Yagyu Jubei, how sure are you that it’s going to be a raffle instead of just first come first serve?

    • Guy says:

      I translated the Hobby Channel page of the item with google and it says “Lottery sales start limited quantity!” and later “1500 body only, lottery sales”

      So, pretty positive.

  3. Thanatos says:

    Dang, that’s going to make proxy purchasing that much harder.

    • Guy says:

      In other words, you’ll have to hope your proxy purchaser is lucky, unless you go to one of the sites willing to pay for raffles. And then again, you’ll need to make a deposit on those sites, in case you win.

      A pretty pickle indeed.

  4. Thanatos says:

    I wonder how the raffle works exactly.

    • Guy says:

      You buy magazines, you get letters/forms to fill in, you send them in (dunno how the monetary bit works, probably you are making a commitment to pay, and those who win have money withdrawn from their accounts), and they make a random drawing. I would suggest asking Joseph Tsai, who runs TokyoHunter.

      BTW, if possible, please reply to my comments, rather than making a general comment, threaded replies are easier to track.

      • Thanatos says:

        I may drop him a line if my other channels pan out. Yet considering it’s a raffle the chances are pretty even regardless of who can do it especially if they’re going to make you financially commit off the bat. Send in 10 forms to fulfill 1 order and you may fail, or find yourself with 9 extra and a 60,000+ yen bill.

    • Guy says:

      I’m sure if you get 9 extra you’d make enough money on eBay to pay for all figures for a year.

      Heck, the thing is, I’m sure he’d take the 9 extra and sell them on eBay. He seems to order more copies of a lot of figures in order to eBay them later, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Maybe he’d refund you the raffle tickets if you end up being so lucky. Then again, I think he doesn’t do raffles?

  5. Ninjovee says:

    After seeing what Orchid Seed offers, I’m growing rather fond of it too. Although I have yet to see figures of characters that I actually know of… I’m interested at how they would do a rendition of certain characters.

    I love figure #1! (don’t know how to call her), I love her clothes and her hair, although it looks weird if seen at the back, but then again, you can’t really help that. Love her boots and her stockings too… just a lot of love for that figure!

    Figure #4 is cute, I do wish she’d have a figure with a less ecchi pose ^^;

    Mabinogi Nao on sale is quite a steal IMO, 30USD for not just one but two figures! I got fond of Nao because of her nendoroid… but… must resist for Saber Lily!

    • Guy says:

      $30 USD for two figures and not just one? Mabinogi Nao is $50 instead of $80, maybe you meant $30 discount? I think the steal are the Kotokubiya Neon Genesis Evangelion pairs. 1/8 two figures for less than 6k yen.

      I want Mabinogi Nao Adventure version on sale :D

      #1 is Corticarte, usually referred to simply as “Corti”.

      • Ninjovee says:

        Oops. LOL. I guess my head wasn’t on right when I was reading… but yes, you got me right… NGE pair? You mean Shinji and Kaworu? Well… as much as I have a fondness for Kaworu and his gay tendencies… I don’t really like the figures as they look blah.

    • Guy says:

      Them too, but also the Asuka and Rei pair, though it seems you can’t separate the figures there.

  6. Snark says:

    Oh god, those Mobips are hilariously bad XD

  7. Rico-sama says:

    Wow, Yagyu Jubei looks amazing! Haven’t been this impressed with an exclusive since Kotobukiya & Dengeki’s Mikoto Misaka (have a weakness for swimsuits, I guess LOL).

    I was very close to buying Native’s Collect but she’s priced a little too high for me. She’s also be harder to display than most other figures (safely, at least), but the real limiting factor for me is the price.

    The more I hear people talk about Corti the more I want her.

    Why are bad looking figma clones more expensive than figmas?

    • Guy says:

      I think these mobips have no good reason to be expensive. At least they have item sets. I think they may be aimed at the under 10 crowd, but then I’d have wanted them cheaper.

      I actually didn’t like the line down Misaka Mikoto’s rump, and the hair-break line, if she were without both, I’d have wolfed her down, heh.

      And yes, Collet, aside from being rather expensive, is hard to display. But she’s the ecchi figure to beat if you ask me. I think Tier of Tentacle Armada must get her ;)

    • Guy says:

      Sadly, I can’t fail to notice such seams. I hope I didn’t cause you problems with the “Now that you pointed it out, I can’t unsee it! I hate you!”

      Sadly for me, I always see the seams. And I hate seams a lot. Her hair seam-break is horrible, but then again, with her hair-do, it’s not too surprising. But the rump seam? What’s up with that?

  8. enrius says:

    I kinda like Yagyu Jubei swimsuit, most probably because of her illustrator. I PO’ed the normal version, but sadly this time not even a proxy can guarantee to get her. Sanada Yukimura was the same, but I wasn’t too keen on her design, thus the pass up.

  9. Tommy says:

    I’ve ordered that Alphard figure, only because I ordered Canaan. I absolutely hated the ending, btw. Something looks weird with Alphard, even though it is true to character. That smile doesn’t go too well with the pose; but a great looking pair it’ll be with Canaan.

    I agree with that Jubei figure, I like the regular version more. Which I should order…

    That Amie Grand Asuka will probably end up being a leaner as well.

    • Guy says:

      Amie Grand figure is GK, so it’s probably not going to lean; it’s made of resin.

      I think the thing that is slightly weird with Alphard is her wolfish face. She kinda looks like that horrible Revy figure. Just not awful.

  10. Reltair says:

    Corti looks awesome. I need to get that and see if it improves my current impression of Orchid Seed.

  11. Yi says:

    I totally thought that was Mai. The figure is my favorite from the 5 hots, although Alphard is pretty good too.
    Anyway, that Asuka figure is terrible. Ugly face, awkward pose, and crappy paint job.

    • Guy says:

      I seriously want more figures of Mai, and those to be better quality. More Mai! From Mai-HiME, with her powered up? Super-works for me. Natsuki too, way too sexy to have so few figures.

  12. lovelyduckie says:

    “I’m growing rather fond of Orchid Seed.”

    Same, I used to avoid them but one day I bought Fumie and I really love her. I’ll be skipping that Corti due to my new promise to cut back on figures but I admire it a lot. Alphard is a must have for me, if it’s a girl with a gun in an action pose then, I’m already a fan. So I’m extremely biased.

    • Guy says:

      Isn’t the whole point of art is to see to which you’re biased and to which you’re not, and then getting the ones to which you’re biased? :D

  13. Blowfish says:

    I totally digg the design Idea behind Yagyu but the execution killed her off for me in the end.I dont like the way the sword looks inbetween her boobs.It looks rather like a hole drilled into her chest than some boobs embracing the sword.

    I have Alphard on preorder and I admit that her smile reminds me of that godawful revy aswell.Yet,I totally love her overall design.I actually didnt like the show that much and im still wondering if I should preorder the matching Canaan.I wasnt a too big fan of her in the serious but on the other hand the true potential of the figures is only exposed when you have both

    • Guy says:

      It kinda looks that way, but I’m not sold, we’ll have to ask some real girls if we’d want to know if we’re projecting or not, and how badly if it was done this way.
      Regardless, figure still looks great, and it’s a March release, so they could fix her several times by then.

      I didn’t Canaan, but if I had to choose, the matching Canaan is by far the superior design.

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