Month in Review – September 2009. Purchases and Media.

Since September was a slightly weaker month on the purchase department, I’ve joined both sections together for this post: Both the media I had consumed, and the things I had purchased.

For those who are wondering, this week Icon-2009, Israel’s largest convention is taking place. Today I’m only going for one lecture, and tomorrow I’m not going at all. I must tell you, the ability to not spend all day every day at a convention and to return home every night does wonders to one’s ability to enjoy the convention.
You will get a con report later on, and perhaps a post on conventions in Israel, in a week’s time or so.

Anyway, before we continue (after the “More” tag), I want to share with you a hauntingly beautiful song from a movie I’ve watched yesterday at the convention. The movie is called “The Secret of Kells”, and the song is called “Aisling’s Song” (pronounced Ashlynn).



  • Two Weeks – was at my grandmother’s during a holiday, and there was nothing better to do. Not a bad film, quite a bunch of good actors such as Sally Field, Tom Cavangh, and others. Kinda heavy, as it deals with the last two weeks of a family’s mother.
  • Little Manhattan – Same as the above. Cute stupid movie, with an 11 year old talking like a 16 year old, was somewhat amusing. Really stupid in parts.
  • The Wrestler – I wasn’t blown away by this.


  • House M.D.‘s 5th season begins. No, I will not download it. Maybe some day I’ll post about how TV helps me organize the week ;)
  • The Big Bang Theory returns for a third season. First episode was kinda flat, like the last episode of the second season. Second episode was much better.


  • Read 85% of the 8th book in The Wheel of Time series, The Path of Daggers, while I was supposed to be studying for my major test, naturally, heh.
  • Old Man’s War – Read it again in the beginning of the month. Still a great read.
  • Zoe’s Tale – Mom happened to pick it up a couple weeks after I read the above book, and I read it. Nice light read, character of Zoe is trying too hard, not just the character in the story, but as written. Reads in parts like fan-fiction, or an episode of The Gilmore Girls, the bits that don’t try to be too clever are still very good.
  • Philosophy texts, for the big test.


  • RahXephon – Watched start to finish. Wasn’t too bad, could’ve been better if they had done away with everything that made me compare them to Neon Genesis Evangelion, as they lost in all such comparisons. The human relationships were quite good.
  •  Eve no Jikan / Time of Eve – This series reached the first season’s conclusion. I loved it, the ending of the last episode, where only here do they really introduce cliffhangers and conspiracies was a bit annoying.
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – Silly fun. I enjoy it. I really love the OP. Watched episodes 1-11.
  •  Toaru Majutsu no Index / A Certain Magical Index – Episodes 18-20. I’ll need to write about what happened while watching this series when I cover it. To put it shortly: No more writing in depth thoughts on anime and screencapturing extensively while watching them. No sir.


  • Played two games of Settlers of Catan with my mother and a friend. Just purchased the Cities and Knights add-on and will give it a whirl in the next week or two.
  • Played one game of Infernal Contraption, which was too solitaire like, and which I’ll probably still cover.

 On the huge test I’ve had, though I ended up barely studying, I’ve got 85. This is one test where 85 is not a bad grade: Out of 93 test-takers, two received 90-94, 17 received 85-89, and the rest received less. I didn’t deserve my grade, probably.

The above section ended up quite meaty, the purchases section is less meaty this month:

  • Saber Lily Nendoroid pre-order moved from Hobby Search to Hobby Link Japan.
  • Figma Aegis pre-order cancelled, still planning to buy her, in a bit.
  • Received from an online sale 4 miniature washes, and the No Quarter magazine #26, which didn’t have what I expected it to. Still, will hopefully resume miniature painting in the near future.
  • Alpha x Omega’s Shizuka from Queen’s Blade had arrived. Photos taken, expect a review. Great figure.
  • Ordered Shirahige Tsukuru’s Air from Play-Asia. It arrived on the 2nd of October.
  • From an online sale for really good prices, got for my Hordes armies: Angelius, Titan Cannoneer, and a Praetorian Swordsmen Unit box. Second copy of each.


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10 comments on “Month in Review – September 2009. Purchases and Media.

  1. kluxorious says:

    I have yet to complete To Aru Majutsu no Index. Need some kind of motivation. Maybe your post on that will do it for me.

  2. Snark says:

    Kyouran Kazoku Nikki was an interesting bag; the early episodes were full of zany fun, but I felt that it got pretty tired and boring about half way through.

    • Guy says:

      I think Zany fun is hard to be had in large quantities. It might work when you watch an episode a week, but not for 20 episodes in a row. Same was for Hayate no Gotoku’s first season. There just wasn’t anything compelling you to keep on watching, like a plot.

  3. Yi says:

    Clip looks really pretty. I am going to watch this movie.
    Also, I thought new season of House was really not that exciting…

  4. Optic says:

    I need to finish up Toaru Majutsu no Index as well. Currently up to ep. 18 and I have’t picked it up from there for almost a month now.
    I guess I’m been delaying it considering I’m finishing up on other series and been sooooo busy at work these days. -_-

    • Guy says:

      If a series does not get released weekly, and you can’t get through it in one go, it tends to drag. You delay, then you say you’ve already delayed it so delaying becomes acceptable, and you keep delaying till you give up.

      Then a year later you watch it properly.

  5. Blowfish says:

    So you watch Kyouran Kazoku Nikki?
    Loved the series sillyness combined with its sometimes serious undertone.

    Im watching Railgun now after enjoying Index last year.Sure they are pretty standard Shounen but I had my fun and thats what counts.

    Hope to see your thoughts on Shizuka soon :P

    • Guy says:

      Hopefully I’ll get my Shizuka review up on Tuesday or Wednesday :)

      And yeah, fun’s good. And I love Misaka Misoto :)

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