Figure Purchases; Overview and Decisions.

Ok, this post will cover figure thoughts: Which figures I’ve bought recently, which figures I regret buying, which figures I want to order, which figures I have on pre-order, etc. Also, this is a good place for you to offer suggestions, insights, and advice :D

Figures Purchased:
These are the figures I’ve purchased, how much I’ve paid for them, and whether I’m happy these days with them or not. This came to me when I thought of Saber Lily Distant Avalon, more on this later.

  1. Nendoroid Yoko Littner: $15.5, $17 for shipping, $9 to the post office. Total: $41.5
    Happy with it. Love the figure, my first nendoroid, my first modern figure. Review.
  2. Petit Nendoroid Otaku Yuki Limited (with Manga): 1,600 yen, 1,500 yen for shipping. Via HMV Online (great service). $9 to the post office. Total:$41
    Pretty happy with it. Wish I could’ve gotten it without the manga, but one day I might be able to read it :) Who knows, maybe one day I’ll resell for big bucks? Review.
  3. Banpresto Neliel tu Oderschvanck: $24.50, $13.50 for shipping. Total: $38.
    It’s a nice figure, it looks nice on my shelf, but if I had to cut anything when looking at things in retrospect, it’d probably have went away. I actually didn’t mean to win it, but eBay compulsion overcame me. Review.
  4. Queen’s Blade Ymir by Griffon: $35, $20 for shipping along with the following items. Total: Let’s say $50.
    It’s a nice figure, but I don’t really like her underpants and how she looks with cast-off. But it’s a gothic-loli, so it’s ok. Still, would’ve cut it if I was spending in retrospect.
  5. Evangelion XXnano figures of Sachiel and Lilith: $20 for both, was $20 for shipping with Ymir, so let’s say Total: $25.
    The pricing was perfect, so I’m not sorry with them. But I don’t currently have them on display. Cute, but I’d have cut them if I were spending now.
  6. Shuraki Rize box: $26.52, $27 for shipping, $21 to the evil postal service. Total: $75.
    I suspected the postal office might do something to it, but since I didn’t really get involved with them in the last 1.5 years before the minimal charges, I really didn’t know I’d get that $21 surcharge. Anyway, I was more than happy with the figure, till it suffered the “Rize Flaw” and the pegs broke, requiring it to be supported from behind. This made me sad. Would’ve cut it if I’d known of both the surcharge and the peg, but if the pegs were alright, I’d have kept it, surcharge and all.
  7. Shirahige Tsukuru’s Air: Purchased during Play-Asia’s Visa Special; $39.92, $13.90 shipping. Total: $53.82, so long the post office and/or customs don’t get their greedy hands on it, which I hope very much.
    Happy with it? Let’s see how it turns out, since it’s not yet received. And hope the postal office won’t add $22 or so to it.
  8. Queen’s Blade Shizuka by Alpha x Omega: $32, $17.80 shipping. Total: $49.80, so long the post office and customs let it be…
    Happy with it? I like the oni girl, but since I don’t hold it in my hands yet, I can’t be sure. But if I were spending the total amount of money in retrospect, it’d be a hard-call.

Total money spent on figures thus far: $374. Had customs/post office not taken their toll it’d have been: $335, which is still considerable.

Now, I outlined in the post-office hate post that Saber Lily Distant Avalon would’ve run me an estimated $197, would I have bought her if I were spending money now in retrospect? Probably not. I’m willing pay about $130 for her, total (including shipping and post office/customs charges). And then the question becomes different, so the figure costs $130, which I’m willing to spend, but am I willing to spend $130 on her instead of the multiple other figures I could get for the price?

Well, had I known what would happen to Rize, that’d be $75, and I’d have cut the Ymir+XXnano girls, netting me an easy $150, so yes. Cutting Neliel would put me at $188, making it a tough call whether I’d rather have Saber over all 5 figures… to be honest, I would, but I’m not sure I could convince myself to actually pay $197 for the figure. I might prefer it to figures worth the same price, but I’m not sure the figure itself is worth the asking price (I’d have to pay for it), you know?

EDIT: But I forgot, of course. With that money, even with only $85, I’d have purchased Mabinogi Nao Adventure from the Toylet sale that was on early in the month. $85, and would’ve been totally worth it. Definitely better than some of the other things I purchased. Better than Air I got in her stead, and Shizuka I got after? That’s tougher. But she’d have also been somewhat cheaper than both combined.

Of course, another option exists, had I not bought these figures: I could’ve kept the money in the bank, or purchased a new computer monitor, or 500GB in RAID configuration… it’s not like I don’t have other things to do with the money. I ended up not getting that job I was looking into, and unless I find some other part-time position, I really could and should save up some money.

Upcoming Orders:

I have pre-ordered on Hobby Search Figma Aegis and Saber Lily Nendoroid, but here’s the thing, they only ship EMS, and their prices seem ridiculous. You see, they currently have Nekomimi Louise for sale, for only 1,440 yen, but when I went to order it, the shipping they quoted me was 3,200 yen! That was unacceptable, so I obviously didn’t order nek0-Louise.

This cemented my decision to move my orders to Hobby Link Japan, which even though the figures do not enjoy the 5% discount they do on Hobby Search, and the additional 5% off for future purchases, I figure I’ll be saving considerable money by ordering via SAL, and by the increased chances of not falling prey to customs, which are more likely to let SAL through.

Now, as much as I love Figma Aegis, and even though she’s only 2,667 yen, October release, if I had to cut something, I’d be cutting her, especially as if I order her with Saber Lily, my order passes beyond the dangerous $50 mark. The mark where customs screw you over. So I’ll have to get her later, my first Figma, though she is quite lovely. I love her smooth lines :D


Saber Lily Nendoroid, 3,500 yen, I’m ordering for sure, even if the world had ended, I’d have still been getting her. Way too lovely to miss, great faces and poses. Cancelling Hobby Search pre-order, moving to HLJ, and hoping they’d have it in stock. Also October release, originally slated to come along with the Aegis Figma.

Now here’s a hard one. I’ve got plugsuit Rei Ayanami from Eva 2.0 version on pre-order, and she’s coming out in November for 4,400 yen. 1/10 scale. And I am sure I will not be sad for this figure in times to come. I do have to think about money situation and all, and whether this is the best decision to make (probably not a wise decision to get any figure, when it comes down to it). Expensive, but I know I’ll appreciate it in time to come. But there is still time to decide. Also in November comes out the Dragon Age: Origins RPG by Bioware, one of my favourite companies ever. I’ll be getting the PC version for sure, so need to account for it as well. It’d be $50-60, more like $60 where I live.

Future figures that have caught my eye are Nendoroid Megurine Luka which will come with Tako Luka pucchi nendoroid, which we don’t know when it will come out. And of course, Alter-Saber maid version with the mini-Saber. Coming out in April. But see, for that last one, if I behave, and don’t buy other figures, I could put the money in a special place for it. I’ll look at a figure, go, “I was going to buy you, but instead I’ll put the money in the Saber fund!” and so I’ll have money by April for it. And it’ll also cut down on almost all impulse buys… Limited Saber is 8,000 yen, and we’ll be having to add deputy services on top. I suspect the nendoroid Megurine would run about 3,500 yen as well.

Also, really into the Lineage 2 Elf by Orchid-seed, but at her price-point the competition is fierce, like Alter’s Saber Lily.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Moral support?

And how did you like how I put the pictures in this post? ^_^

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24 comments on “Figure Purchases; Overview and Decisions.

  1. zh3us says:

    i recon the Upcoming orders are the scary ones.

    *Sees the potential of Saber Lily Nendo and Megurine Luka*

    I see your cutting down on scaled-es any reason for that?

    • Guy says:

      They cost more money?

      I love how cute nendos are. I’ve always loved chibi art. When it comes to scaled, I usually plan in advance. I am still undecided whether to cut plugsuit Rei or not, though I love her. I might very well cut her, and order her once I find some part-time job.
      Also, her cost is considerable enough that if I avoid getting her, it can add up towards a future purchase.

      Also, check my purchase list, my two most recent purchases which didn’t arrive yet are both scaled figures.

      The Lineage 2 Elf is also very lovely, but she comes against stiff competition at her price-point, such as Saber Lily by Alter, which is not as awesome as the Distant Avalon but is still pretty sweet.

  2. bluedrakon says:

    It is hard to build a collection when you have to worry about so many variables. I try to keep a dollar figure max when I review if I am going to buy or not.

    I am currently very tempted to go over to HLJ to see what is available for sale. Since they are shipping free via PayPal purchases. I have a bad habit of getting into something, then when times get lean to do a sell off.

    Is it the joy of the hunt or the excitement of holding a desired figure in your hands. Only the World may know!

    I liked how the pictures were done in the post – kind of broke up the reading nicely.

    • Guy says:

      Might have been different if I had room to show all my figures, so it’d actually feel like a collection :-/

      And yeah, criteria must be, “In 4 months, would I be happy with the purchase?”

  3. ShindoW says:

    I would reccommend cutting the Rei out as much of an Eva fan as I am. She’s only 1/10th scale which in the end just doesn’t seem worth it, IMO. Wait to get her later, she’ll still be around and it’s not like there isn’t another 100 of her in her plugsuit, right? XD

    • Guy says:

      The difference is that this Rei has a pretty rare thing going for her: Her face actually looks like Rei’s. It’s such a rare occurance ;)

  4. Snark says:

    Shame you’re dropping figma Aegis; she looks fucking awesome.

    And mad props for the Bamboo Blade gif at the top.

    • Guy says:

      I plan to get Figma Aegis later. I think she’s one of the best figmas I’ve ever seen. The joints looking like joints are ok cause she’s an android, her smooth body-plates look awesome, her face looks spot-on… I’ll try to get her later. Perhaps in November, especially if I postpone plugsuit Rei.

      And yeah, I love Bamboo Blade, I watch the “Fake Kendoga” bit where Tama-chan unleashes every 2-3 months, and I tear up every time. And I am not ashamed of admitting it.

      EDIT: Got another Tama-chan gif, with her head lolling from side-to-side, awaiting a good opportunity to be used :)

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    Rize broke my heart too :( I honestly wished I had never gotten into Shuraki when she broke on me. The others had their minor design flaws but Rize was by far the worst! But man they’re still so gorgeous, it’s a love hate relationship that the Shuraki and I share. Although I would probably sell them if I could get back what I paid for them…but I recently realized I’d be lucky if all the ones (besides Char) sold for $40 a piece. So they made it through my recent collection “pruning” just because I could never bare to get back half of what I spent on a figure. Figma Aegis would be the last one I cut among the ones you listed but that’s only me and what I would do, I’m biased towards Aegis as a character. You need to do what makes you happy. Although I’d keep Aegis I’ve decided to cut back on Figmas a bit in general, although you have lots of display options I’m always really worried about breaking them.

    • Guy says:

      I cut Aegis and will cut Rei.

      I am planning on getting Aegis in November/December, especially if I manage to land a job at Blockbuster’s or something like that…

      Rei will have to wait for me, we’ll always have Paris, in the immortal words of good ol’ Humphrey. And yes, Aegis would be my first Figma, and I think she looks great, so I’m not cutting her loose, just postponing her. Also, ordering her along with Saber Lily Nendoroid would kill me, customs wise. I just need to hope Saber Lily doesn’t get “arrested”.

      As for Rize, yeah. “Broke my heart” is the exact right phrasing. Sadly, my original photoshoot of her was pretty crappy, and I have no idea how I could take one of her now without using blue-tack or something :( She is so pretty, and now so damaged.

      I’m thinking of fixing her base by doing some mod action on her, drilling holes into her feet, putting her soft base on some wooden base, drilling into the wooden base and through her custom base pins that would go into the peg-holes or drilled holes in her shoes, and then I could take her off of the new base, and only the holes in her feet and her base would show. But she’d stand erect.

      I’d ask for help from my more serious miniature painting and assembling friends, who pin each of their much smaller models 6-12 times.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        I’m debating securing her into her base as well. I can do that but I can also position her against the wall in a way that will support her. I plan on putting up 3 more shelves this weekend and the Shuraki will go on those ones so I’ll be making that decision soon. Oh also I fixed my shelves so they don’t bow in the middle anymore, it’s looking a lot better now but I shoud wait a while before I post my colection again. I want the difference between the first and 2nd posting to be really drastic.

    • Guy says:

      I think I’ll mod her base. Can actually re-sell her like this, and actually take shots of her, and display her in different positions, rather than just where something can balance her… More options!

      And awaiting “Before” and “After” shots :)

      • lovelyduckie says:

        My main issue is I need to figure out how to make the lighting in that room work when I take the “after” shots. It looks great in real life but the orange on the walls seem to mess up my photos.

  6. Tommy says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s making impulse purchases than having buyers’ remorse after. It’s happened to me a few times earlier this year…when I purchased some figures from sales than kinda regretted getting them instead of something else when they arrived. Just don’t make the same mistake more than twice. ;)

    If you’re going with HLJ from now on, make pre-orders when they’re up on the early-bird section so you can save 5% off the price. It reduces the price difference between HLJ and Hobby Search…in fact, it’ll be cheaper than ordering from Hobby Search because of their outrageous shipping cost. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but their shipping quote is overcharging us now. They charged me 3,200 yen for shipping on my last package when actual shipping was 2,400 yen. You can see I’m not a happy customer since this puts them in the same league as ebay sellers.

    As for the Goody Japan deputy service, the total cost minus shipping should be something around 10,000 yen. I don’t think that price is too expensive, though I might as well ask Tokyo Hunter how much she’ll be if I order from him

    • Guy says:

      Oh, I don’t think it’ll be too expensive from Goody Japan, just problematic for me to pay by November instead of April.

      And yeah, after the dry-order of Louise from Hobby Search, I cancelled my orders there post-haste. I also know of the Early Bird on HLJ, thanks! :)

  7. Ninjovee says:

    I vote for the Nendoroids! Their cuteness is definitely worth it! I would also say go for Alter Saber Maid, but that’ll hurt you knowing that you can buy some good figures for the money you’d save up on her. Then again, if you don’t buy Alter Saber Maid before she gets released, chances are you’ll have to go through financial hell before you can avail yourself of an Alter Saber Maid. So, if getting her is really going to make you happy as a collector and it’s not just an impulse thing, then go get Alter Saber Maid. XD

    • Guy says:

      It won’t be a spur of the moment thing. But looking at it, it’s the exact same deal as Saber Lily Distant Avalon, were it not for the customs, I’d have got both. With the customs, I have to think whether it’s worth not $120 or so, but $200.

      And then again, since it’ll end up costing the same amount as Saber Lily Distant Avalon, I also have to think which I like more ;)

  8. Optic says:

    I found out about the “Rize Flaw” while she was still in transit from HLJ so I consider myself lucky but still the reason I bought her to begin with was she looked stunning with her dress on. I can’t believe that was the flaw. :(
    Now that I have her displayed in her damaged dress ver. she doesn’t look as elegant compared to the normal dress one.

    Saber Lily Distant Avalon indeed looks fantastic but given ur situation with custom, I know ur wallet will hit harder than anyone else. If u not a Saber fanboy then I highly recommend going all out for Saber Lily because after 4 months, I betcha u will be saying, GSC made one of the best figures ever.

    Honestly, I’m very tempted myself and my hand is itching to get her even though I need to save up for my Singapore trip. lol

    • Guy says:

      I’m going to try and hit up other options: Will ask a local comic shop if they can get it, and for how much if they do, and maybe hit up some friends.

      One friend suggested to ship it to him, in the USA, where at least customs is not an issue, and whenever I visit the states, I could take it from him. But at least I’d know it’s there. Hm.

  9. Asian Ed says:

    I spent *far* too much money on figures and collectibles while I was in Japan, so I’m probably not the best to talk about saving money. I typically don’t have many regrets on the figures I buy, though some eventually fall out of favor with time (or when I start running out of shelf space).

    I’m actually hitting that point now, and had to make some hard choices for which figures to “demote” to a lower shelf to make room for the new acquisitions. Maybe I’ll take a couple of the less risque ones to the office for display there…

    The GSC Lily is absolutely stunning though. I picked her up at Sofmap when I was shopping in Akihabara. There were giant posters advertising her everywhere in every store, but it was hard to actually get my hands on one. I guess she didn’t officially release until 9/30, but I had my mitts on her on the 29th. ^.^

    • Guy says:

      Just like our parents got my brother the 60G X-Box 360 about four days before it was officially released, which was lucky, cause they returned to Israel before the official street-day.

      • Asian Ed says:

        You don’t want to know the types of things I get access to before release… ^.^;;

        If you look at my twitter feed, you’ll see I’ve been testing a new client on and off the past week.

        Hint: It was announced at E3 this year. :D

    • Guy says:

      I might have to follow you on Twitter then!

      And well, I’ve had friends in the video-game industry, in QA and testing for YEARs, including EA, heh.

      But it’s ok, I’m a patient person. This wasn’t “before release”, it’s just that Best-Buy got a stock beforehands and the clerk didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to sell it. My parents asked for the model by name, so he took them to the warehouse where it was FULL of the things ;)
      (Edited to add: Kinda like the Saber Lily – Distant Avalon warehouse, I guess, but slightly less :D)

      I’ve been eyeing the PS3 Slim, but I’m going to wait a while, both to see if they fix the “always-on” design bug, and for the price to drop, as it will ;)

      • Asian Ed says:

        It’s good to have friends in different industries. I have a friend at Ubisoft SF that sends me toys. Also have a friend at Intel…

        I may have to spring for a PS3 sometime next year, when FFXIII Vs comes out. Will be playing FFXIII on 360. Achievements FTW! There’s also a new 360 SKU coming I think, probably with bigger hard drive.

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