Figure Friday Pushed to Sunday; Once.

Ok, due to having a huge test on Sunday and some mishaps with schedule, this week’s Figure Friday, and ok, last week’s (when Nekomagic was down), will have to wait for this Sunday, when I’ll post one, and I’ll post the other a day or two later.

I hope you will bear with me, as this is definitely the last test for at least a couple months.

Anyway, here’s a question to you in the meantime, to pass the time: How interested are you in hearing about my non-geek life, like the area I grew up in, my cat, etc?

About my geek life you’ll hear anyway, stuff like shipping and customs to Israel, my history of growing into geekhood, conventions and geek culture in Israel, etc. The question is not about that, but rather about my non-geek personal life.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

P.S. This entry was written in advance, I’m probably reading Hobbes or Descartes right now, or trying to come up with a curriculum for the year. I thought it’d be best to try and get my studying as uninterrupted as possible.

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