Onegai Teacher! – Otaku Wishes.

Onegai Teacher! (Or “Please Teacher!” or “Onegai Sensei!”) is an anime custom-built by specifications. It has exactly what is expected of an anime of the genre, and is especially targeted at adolescent boys and/or otakus. It is basically, a wish-fulfillment series.
It does that very well, but naturally does very little else.

This is a “Things I Like” post, and as such, it’s not a review per-se, but my thoughts on the series. Spoilers should come as no surprise, but this post will have relatively few if any.

In the series, we have a bunch of 15 year olds, except that the main character, Kei (at the front of the picture above) is actually 18. He spent 3 years in a coma during which his body didn’t grow. Through a routine comedy of errors, he ends up married to Kazami Mizuho, his half-alien teacher (the gorgeous lady holding him).
Naturally, they have to keep this a secret, and there’s a girl Kei’s age (or so she thinks), that is also interested in Kei, and he has to navigate between his friends and the married-life that is on one hand foisted upon him, and on the other, both he and Mizuho seem to want, very much.

Does the above sound to you like a typical anime series, with very little added to it? Yeah, it does. Sure, it probably affected some series to come, but seeing as this series is not that old (2002 vintage), it was probably built to-spec, by those who made it.

The series seems especially tailored to young boys. They watch it, and they go, “Hm, I have a shot!”, both with older women, and with girls their age – that’s one of the good things in the series, it explores in a realistic manner romantic relationships between teenagers. As some of the other characters are involved amongst themselves.
Not everyone ends up with someone, but most people do.

Thing is, how does such an otaku feel if they watch this series when they’re over 20 and single? It perhaps might not be the best thing in the world for them. Also, the series is troubling in a couple of ways: Kei is 18 chronologically, and though he underwent a major life event (we find out much later that actually he underwent two), he spent 3 years in a coma, ergo, mentally and emotionally he’s still 15. He has no business being married to an adult, does he?
And of course, one of the girls ends up more or less together with another teacher…

So I kinda wonder, is this show aimed at 14-16 year old boys, or at 25-35 year old people who want an excuse or a way to dream of dating younger kids, say, their students?

The show does have a couple of plot twists at the end that are heart-wrenching. But again, though they do truly make you emotional, the amount they have is also almost just as ordered for this kind of series, and not more.

The real light in the tunnel for this series is the seiyu of Kazami Mizuho, Kikuko Inoue, who voiced Belldandy from “Oh My Goddess!” Her voice is warm, gentle, classy, and it wraps all around you. This probably helps the series do what it did, but truly, great voice acting, as expected, from this lady.

Kazami Mizuho’s design is pretty popular, you can see it on Euphemia from Code Geass, some lady from Macross.. her personality is both vulnerable, successful, warm and supportive, like the voice. What the geeks voted for, except for those who like super-spunk.

The other is again, that it is a pretty good depiction of teenager romantic relationships.

The opening theme (OP) has what many anime series have; great first few seconds of music, and then the music changes to a much more mellow and less up-beat when the singing begins. Here’s an idea – if you start with a bang, stay with it, rather than change it to something not as good.

The ending theme (ED) is in a word: Forgettable. It’s a carbon copy, nothing draws your attention, kind of song.
The only thing worth some sort of mention is Marie, the artificial operator of the alien ship is as cute as always. And drawn nicely.

There’s one immortal phrase from this series. Most commands to Marie, and it happened quite a lot were:

“Saiyuusen Jikou yo!”/ 最優先事項よ!/ Top Priority!

And thanks to Ewen for help with the transliteration and Kanji.
I’ll put it like this, this line is on the level of “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”, not in terms of how widely known it is, but as a shibboleth.

Score: 6.6 out of ten. This series does most things it should, but it’s a bit too cut and paste. But it has some good aspects, and it’s only 13 episodes. So you could spend your time in a worse manner. If you’re up for some feel-good, too-sweet, emotional, comedy series, you could do worse than this.

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12 comments on “Onegai Teacher! – Otaku Wishes.

  1. Yi says:

    I don’t usually watch shows like this, both when I was 14-16 yr. old, and even more so now that I’m 21.
    When I see something like this, I don’t think, “hm… I have a shot at a bunch of cute girls” Instead, I think, “why is such a plain nice guy so attractive and lucky?”

    Still, I watched a few episodes of Onegai Sensei, and I could see why the some might like this. It’s pretty decent, and agreed on the seiyu.

    • Guy says:

      I don’t think anyone thinks that, after watching the show.

      But watch enough such shows, and that’s the message imprinted upon you. We humans are pattern finding engines, and we pick up patterns.
      Or so the argument goes ;)

    • Guy says:

      Also, I’m curious, why don’t you watch shows like this?

      And yeah, that’s the most annoying thing about “Harem” or supposedly “Slice of life” shows that aren’t really:
      Plain guy, surrounded by hot girls, who all fall for him.

      That’s exactly the message. That even you, plain viewer, have hope of hot girls. And hope is usually anything but reasonable.

      • Yi says:

        I guess I’m just strongly unconvinced on whether a scenario like that can ever translate into real life.
        Perhaps it’s because it has never happened to me, and it doesn’t look like it would ever. Hehe.
        I lack the hope that the target audience has.

    • Guy says:

      Everyone who actually stops and thinks about it realizes it. But mostly, messages just seep through, when we don’t stop and think about them.

      And besides, I’ve known mediocre guys with stunning girls. It happens, heh.
      Though not usually like this.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I started the first episode but stopped right away…I often like series that are geared towards men but this one didn’t feel right. But I think I stopped it too soon and I should at least watch a full few episodes before I fully decide. It’s on my “to watch” list but it’s not very high up on it…so in all honesty I may never get to it :P that list grows faster then I have time to watch anime.

    • Guy says:

      that list grows faster then I have time to watch anime.

      Truer words had rarely been said.
      My list grew lately, or rather, it exploded from 20 series to 60 or so.
      Then again, in July I’ve watched a total of 60 anime episodes in two weeks. I might do so again September/October, depending on how my job application goes.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        Seems like my response to every blog anime review is “it’s on my to watch list!” But the way I choose what series to watch is so completely random and impulsive that I don’t make promises on what my next series is ever. Like I’m suddenly completely into Detective Conana and that series is 550 episodes and still going, getting through that series will swallow me whole for a while (I’m up to episode 51).

    • Guy says:

      I have two lists:

      “To watch”
      Unsure is for things that seem interesting, but I’ll have to do more research before I decide to watch it.

      Sometimes I’m impulsive, and sometimes I do research… yeah.

      I also have a “Currently airing” category for the two lists, since I prefer watching series after they, or at least their first seasons, finish airing.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        You know I think that distinction would be valuable to my list system, I may have to imitate you. A series I KNOW I’m set on watching I say it’s “high” on my priority list (ex: Baccano!, Gunslinger Girl, Spice and Wolf 2, Bakemonogatari, Shigofumi…) and everything I think I might enjoy or I’m just a little curious about is a tier lower.

  3. HanyouKitten says:

    I have to disagree with you in two places:
    I am a young teenage girl… and I happened to really enjoy this series. I watched it from start to end in one day. And I think the opening is phenomenal. I’ve seen over 100 different anime, and I’d say Onegai Sensei gets around 13th place.

    • Guy says:

      I think it’s a heart-warming series. I don’t think girls aren’t going to like it or will find it offensive. I am not even sure it had been designed to cater to the male otaku’s desires, certainly not sure of it as a conscious decision, but it feels that way.

      Also, forget the current ratings from gaming sites, 6.6 is a very solid score.

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