Geekorner Blog Month in Review: August (And Tail of July)

This may or may not be a permanent feature. But since many of the people currently reading this blog did not read this blog when it was new, it’ll be here this time.
And don’t worry, we’re going to resume normal postings tomorrow or the day after.

August in review (and yes, details are lacking, since WordPress only shows me top 40 clicks/referers, and only “past 30 days” and such, can’t tell it to look at August as a month…):

Hits: 1,955 hits in August, the first full month of posts.
129 hits in July.
Note, at the beginning of August/end of July, I had 30 hits on the “hot” days, 10 on the rest, and a couple with 1-2, from August 6th or so, I’ve had a minimum of 30 hits per day, and from August 13th, almost all days had over 50 hits per day. I aimed at 500-600 hits total, for the month.

Comments: 154 comments in August (including my own).
6 comments in July.

Notable Referers: Note, if your site linked through numerous sites, I can’t see it, can only see the top 40 individual pages who referred. Also, counts some early September data.
Wordpress news (I made the fifth comment, mostly “bounces”, one time-visitors): 300.
Animenano: 166.
Gunstray: 28.
Taikutsu Remedy (Snark’s site): 28.
(It’s not random that Gunstray and Taikutsu Remedy lead to so many hits here, it’s in their site’s setup.)

Notable posts (doesn’t include posts people read off the blog’s main page):
Figure Friday (1): 151 hits.
[TIL]: Element Hunters: 122 hits.
My Room, July 2009: 116 hits.

One more QUESTION before we continue; would you guys be interested in hearing how one can gain a nice level of activity on one’s blog without too much effort (1.5-2k hits a month)? Or do you think you’re all there and it’s superflous?

And now, after the “read more” tag, a description of all the last couple of months’ entries. Please check to see if there are entries you’ve missed which you would’ve enjoyed reading. Thank you.


  1. [TIL] Tenjho Tenge Review: The first “Things I Like” post, about Tenjho Tenge, a series where the real story is not the present time’s story, but in the flashback sequences.
  2. [TIL] Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; Definitive Shonen: Gurren Lagann, analyzed by what it is, a series about shonen and “Determinators” (those who win because they want to win more than the enemy), which is what shonen media is all about.
  3. Nendoroid Review: Yoko Littner/Rittona: My first nendoroid, my first figure review.
  4. [TIL] Damages (TV show). Not so Cliched.: A non-anime review, but if you like my anime ones, check it out as well. Discussing how to pull thrillers and suspense right. In a series, rather than a movie.
  5. Haruhi-Chan 3 Limited Edition: Otaku Yuki Nagato Petit Nendoroid Review.: A review of my limited edition petit nendoroid. I wuv it :)


  1. [TIL] Settlers of Catan – Benchmark Boardgame: A board-game. How this is the board-game I compare all others to.
  2. [TIL] What I Purchased Recently. Or, I am Poor.: My July purchases.
  3. Month in Review: July: The media I consumed during July.
  4. Header and Blogroll.: How I came up with the header on top of this blog right now. It took time, and it took help from my friends.
  5. [TIL] Element Hunters – Sometimes I Don’t Like! [UPDATED]: A review of the brand new anime Element Hunters, which was, well, crap.
  6. Figure Friday – Week in Review.: First Figure Friday, following WonFes 2009, so a lot of figures.
  7. [TIL] Kannagi – Crazy (Shrine) Girls. First Season.: Kannagi anime review.
  8. Odds and Ends. Also, Endless Eight Thoughts.: Both an editorial and my (spot on, kinda) prediction on how Endless Eight should’ve ended.
  9. Figure Friday – August 8th to 14th in Review.: The first Figure Friday of the current format: Five Hot, Five Not, news and sales.
  10. [TIL] Ga-Rei Zero: Explosive First Episde. What Then? What do You Mean? It Blew Up!: Ga-Rei Zero, where you undergo a bait-and-switch.
  11. [TIL] Californication Season 1: Cali Fornication.: Californication season 1 review. Non-anime, but I’m pretty proud of my insights regarding the series. Expect season 2 reviews soon.
  12. [Humor] Zabuza and the Rare Ingredient!: A humorous gashapon review of a dust-layered figure. Also an awesome shonen kick-ass youtube moment.
  13. Figure Friday – August 14th to 20th in Review.: Another Figure Friday post.
  14. My Room, July 2009.: How my room looked in July 2009. In one word? Busy.
  15. [TIL] Mai-HiME – My Princess, Focus thy Attention [Long]: Mai-HiME, a series without flaws, but which I loved. This post is to focus your attention on what mattered, not the fights, not the fan-service, but the emotions.
  16. Figure Friday – August 21st-27th
  17. eBay Addiction [Long]: Describing the dangers of eBay on one’s psyche, and how it all works, on us, so well.
  18. [TIL]Writing About Your Interests.: I wrote a paper for school (university) on my interests. Holism in analyzing Roleplaying Games.
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4 comments on “Geekorner Blog Month in Review: August (And Tail of July)

  1. Eric J. Boyd says:

    I’m all ears on how to generate more blog activity. Of course, I realize I have to actually _post_ more, too, but the more eyes the better.

    • Guy says:

      I’ll drum it up :)
      Hopefully it’ll go live in the next two weeks. I need to moderate the amount of non figure/review posts I make, heh.

  2. Tommy says:

    Congrats to the success. ^^

    I would like to learn how to generate increase activity as well. I guess I just need to post more than 13 times per month. ^^;;;

    Or participating more in the blogosphere. If you visit someone’s blog and make a comment there, chances are that they’ll visit yours and make a comment if they’re interested in what your writing. It shouldn’t be a given that other people should visit your blog because you pump out “quality material”.

    • Guy says:

      Both are true.

      Quality material helps net repeat visitors though, and comments, which I think are more important than merely “hits”. These validate you to keep writing.

      BTW, be advised, I can help you get a modicum of “success”. I know how to net a lot of success, but it’s not relevant to most of us, and it also requires some of the secret ingredient called “Luck”.

      So thank you, for contributing to my success, and providing comments :)

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