[Humor] Zabuza and the Rare Ingredient!

Zabuza, whose last name is apparently Momochi, which no one but Narutards knows, was the first real antagonist in Naruto. And he was AWESOME! And so, this post is dedicated to Zabuza, who traveled with Haku, the super-trap (Naruto picked flowers with him, thinking it was a girl).

Here I will cover this ultra-rare figure of him, and the rare dust, dust as you’ve never seen in a figure review before!

Zabuza, looking badass

Zabuza, looking badass

This post is intended in humor, read it as such (including the “Narutards” reference), also, I got the links page up and mostly running, it’s only 70% populated, I’ll get the rest done between now and the weekend, thank you.

For those of you who are still unsold on Zabuza’s awesome-sauce, let me present you with some photographed evidence. And damn, I forgot how Naruto looked when he was young. BTW, he’s using his mouth cause his arms got sort of amputated. Yeah.

 So this is a gashapon of Naruto, I’ve had this since the anime was new, perhaps even before, and I had to trade my Hatake Kakashi figure with my little brother for it, or maybe he wouldn’t trade Kakashi for Zabuza? I’m not sure. Long time ago. You will soon see how long ago…

Snowy crags?

Snowy crags?

Is that snow? Is that dandruff? No, this is the virginal result of sitting undisturbed for several years. Just like the good Hokage, the head grows musty and cobwebs of dust build up.
I did tell you it’d be ‘Zabuza and the Rare Ingredient’, had I not? When was the last time you saw a figure reviewed with dust, let alone such an impressive amount of it?

That virginal snow, defiled.

That virginal snow, defiled.

Look what I do for you. Fearing you will not believe me, I took a shot to show you that real hair lays beneath. Shiny black hair. BTW, look at his bent arm, to see the build up. Layers. Speaking of layers…

The base, also defiled.

The base, also defiled.

This figure has a unique base, being able to hold and absorb so many layers of dust, that if you look closely, you can see the height of the build-up. Another unique feature of this base, aimed at those of you who had been wrongly sold on the “Evil of Dust”, is that it can be cleaned with ease. In fact, all it takes is a finger.

Recreating techniques

Recreating techniques

This is Zabuza and I helping to recreate Zabuza’s Water Clone Technique, where his body apparently gets cut in half, but this is merely a clone made out of water! (The technique’s name kinda gave that away, didn’t it?)
You can also see how nimble this figure is, you can actually separate the parts for ease of transport.

Oh, that’s my hand, another thing that more figure reviews should have. Hands. Real hands. For scale, obviously.

Home, sweet home.

Home, sweet home.

Back after being man-handled by me, Zabuza returned to his place on the shelf. You can see this is the right shelf, aside from the empty square-corner on the wood, you can see his neighbours. Well, you can sorta see them through the thick layer of dust. I hope?

Zabuza and Haku. Cause your pants can never be drawn too high! And yes, thats a boy.
Zabuza and Haku. Cause your pants can never be drawn too high! And yes, that’s a boy.


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4 comments on “[Humor] Zabuza and the Rare Ingredient!

  1. FSF says:

    Good to know Zabuza can survive a nuclear winter.

  2. Marshmallow says:

    Wow, that dust is mad. XD I never knew so much dust could gather on something.

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