Things I Like

I’ll begin cross-posting posts, see the “About” page, when it goes up after this.

So, this month’s “Blog every day” theme is to post about things you like. I’m going to do something different, and every couple of days, for as long as I feel like it, post about something I like. Many, especially initially, will be opinions on anime I’ve watched. There’ll be movies, books, games, serieses, you know it goes, right? :) I will try not to go into in-depth reviews/discussions, but I might. I am unlikely to cover what the series is about, cause that’ll be provided by a link to IMDB/Wikipedia/Amazon, etc. and rather share my observations and thoughts. Some posts might just be two lines, who knows? :) And I’m doing better, thanks for asking! Note, cross-posting from elsewhere, but it will allow me to at least link people here.

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